5 Reasons to Add Cryotherapy to Your Fitness Regime

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Discover 5 Reasons to Add Cryotherapy to Your Fitness Regime

There are many trends that come and go in the fitness industry, but it would be fair to say that some have more staying power than others. Cryotherapy, for example, is a relatively new treatment that has boomed in popularity recently – but unlike some of its counterparts, it’s here to stay.

1. Reduce fatigue

Fatigue is a natural part of any fitness regime, but by implementing cryotherapy into your routine, you can reduce your fatigue and speed up your recovery process. Not only will lead to less pain and discomfort, but it will encourage you to exercise more frequently.

2.Reduce inflammation

the vasoconstriction that takes place within cryotherapy will encourage the reduction of inflammation from bruising and stress that has arisen as a result of partaking in physical activity. This reduction will aid recovery and get you back exercising sooner.

3.Cleanse the body

Instead of signing up to fad ‘tea cleanses’ and other harmful marketing campaigns, cryotherapy can be used as a natural cleanser for the body. A session in the chamber will enrich bodily fluids with enzymes and nutrients, leaving you feeling fresher and fitter than ever before.

4.Promote performance

Cryotherapy is a great tool for getting ahead of the game when it comes to your fitness goals and aspirations. Through aiding muscle recovery and reducing muscle stress, cryotherapy will help the endurance, frequency and intensity of your workouts.

5.Enhance the immune system

It’s not just your muscles that benefit from cryotherapy with the treatment being shown to have a positive impact on our immune system as well. A healthy body is a happy body and cryotherapy can provide some much-needed protection from diseases and day-to-day ailments.

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