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Fun Cryotherapy Facts

10 Fun Cryotherapy Facts

Cryotherapy is a medical treatment that involves entering a whole-body chamber with cold air at temperatures below -130ºc. The process sounds fun and the benefits are fascinating. Below are the fun cryotherapy facts that everyone should know.

Cryochambers Market Growth Forecast

Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment

Cryotherapy is increasingly becoming a thriving industry throughout Europe due to the efficacy of the treatment for medical uses and also for aesthetic purposes in the beauty sector. The therapy has been in use for some time with athletes and those who undertake sporting activities due to the reported benefits and significantly reduced healing times.

Buying Cryotherapy Machines

Buying Cryotherapy Machines

In the past ice packs and baths were used to relieve pains and aches after strenuous exercise or as a way of treating chronic pain amongst people suffering from multiple sclerosis, but the possibility of getting whole body cryotherapy by using a cryotherapy chamber for only a couple of minutes opened new vistas.