CryoAction client, Leicester City Football Club, currently topping the English Premier League, have taken delivery of their new Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber. The unit will be in use as a key component of Leicester City’s recovery and rehabilitation programme for the club’s first , U-21 and academy team players.

Leicester City Football Club – Cryoaction’s transportable whole body cryotherapy chamber.

The 7 metre purpose- built unit has been installed adjacent to the club’s gymnasium and features a number of special features designed to take full advantage of the new equipment.

The whole body cryotherapy unit delivers treatments to up to 3 player at a time, delivering a 3 minute cycle at temperatures as low as -135°C. The air inside the chamber is cooled by liquid nitrogen and the process is overseen by the team’s medical staff

While in the chamber, the players are treated for the fatigue from intensive training, match day exertions and travel tiredness as well a counteracting any soft tissue injuries that they may have picked up. The players’ body reacts to the extreme cold with a natural reaction called vasocontsriction. This process works by cooling the surface of the skin and the underlying tissues, causing the narrowing of blood vessels and counteracting LC7468-001inflammation, a biological response of tissue and cells to injury and cellular damage. Inflammation is  a protective attempt by the body to reduce the impact of soft tissue injury and to kick start the healing process. However, the same receptors involved in pain are also present in inflammation, leading to a cyclical reaction causing the inflammation. These chemical signals released by damaged cells result in dilation of blood vessels, accumulation of white blood cells, warming of tissue and swelling. Cryotherapy combats their response by constricting the blood vessels, thus decreasing inflammation. As well as reducing the swelling and resulting pain, cryotherapy can also reduce the loss of function, the potential for muscle spasms and decreases the impact of any long term cellular damage.

The club has enjoyed the use of a loan unit since pre-season and the use of whole body cryotherapy has become an integral feature of the club’s training programme, with most players accessing the unit on a daily basis.

We wish Leicester continued good fortune for the season ahead.

Jamie Vardy, who on Saturday equalled the record for the number of goals scored in consecutive Premier League games, has attributed his presence in the game to Leicester City’s investment in a whole body cryotherapy chamber from CryoAction.

Speaking following scoring an amazing 10 goals in a recent run of 10 successive Premier League games, Jamie said that he might not have been on the pitch, had it not been for a spell in a cryotherapy chamber as he recovers from a hip problem.

Jamie admitted: “I was very close to not playing, I’m not going to lie. Credit to the physios, they were literally working on me constantly. It was frustrating missing the England games but there was no point in risking it. I’d have loved to have played but it gave me a week off to recover.

“Obviously the cryo chamber that we’ve got at the training ground came in useful.

“It is absolutely freezing but it helps you in your recovery, so fair play to the club for getting that in.”

CryoAction cryotherapy chamber as installed at Leicester City Football Club.

The whole body cryotherapy chamber provided by CryoAction to Leicester City Football Club provides  an extreme cold treatment to enable rapid recovery and rehabilitation. The 3 minute treatment is delivered at temperatures as low as -150*C and promotes the reduction of the impact on soft tissue injuries such as the groin problem that could have kept Jamie out of the game and brought his record equalling run to an end.

CryoAction director, Ian Saunders commented, “Obviously we are delighted to have played a role in helping Jamie Vardy in his fantastic record equalling run. This validation from the Premier League’s leading striker is indicative of the benefits that clubs get from installing a CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber and the reason why other clubs are now following Leicester City’s example”.


The sad death of a Las Vegas spa manager in a cryotherapy chamber has led to a number of headlines questioning the safety of cryotherapy in general. As the leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports, CryoAction places the highest importance to the safety of its clients and wishes to add its views to the current debate.


The equipment used in the spa in question is referred to as a ‘cryosauna’. It is important to note that these single person cabinets are fundamentally different to the chambers marketed and sold by CryoAction. The design of the equipment is substantially different, with whole body cryotherapy chambers treating up to 6 people at a time in a specifically designed room. Cryosaunas are a single user, partial body cryotherapy unit, requiring the user to elevate their head above the potential noxious gases from the liquid nitrogen that is  injected directly into the cabinet. This not only has the potential to place cryosauna users in direct contact with the harmful gases but also the droplets of liquid nitrogen itself that carries a risk of frostbite.  It is due to these serious safety flaws that led CryoAction to not supply such products, an important safety decision mirrored by the two leading provider of liquid nitrogen gas in UK, banning the sale of gas to suppliers of cryosaunas.


Whole Body Cryotherapy chambers, as sold by CryoAction, use a heat exchanger as a key element of the functionality of the chamber. This external device cools the air inside the chamber and in contract to a cryosauna, prevents harmful liquid nitrogen gases from being injected into the chamber. CryoAction chambers have the highest levels of EC certification for medical uses and are subject to regular inspection and maintenance.


CryoAction chambers are operated by a trained practitioner, whose function is to ensure that chamber users are specifically briefed and monitored throughout the entire treatment. The treatment will only operate for a given period of time at the end of which the system will shut down. The equipment cannot be used without an operator being present, and the design ensures that during any point of the treatment and for any reason, the users can leave the chamber by the two exit doors built into the structure.


Our chambers incorporate a range of safety features such as a number of oxygen sensors, designed to detect any form of oxygen depletion. Should such an incident occur, alarms will sound, directing users to evacuate the chamber and the chamber will automatically shut down.


The death of anyone in cryotherapy equipment is a cause for concern. While the circumstances and causes of this sad event are unknown at this time, CryoAction would echo calls for safety inspections of cryosauna equipment and certification of operators. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased.

On Saturday last, the Wales rugby union team pulled off, what pundits are calling their greatest ever victory, defeating England 28-25 at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup.

The match was a gruelling encounter with injuries for both sides as well as a few walking wounded and all the players had given their all for their respective teams. Due to the late start of 8pm, the players were probably looking forward to some relaxation post-match. However, with little time before Wales’ next match against Fiji in 4 days time, there was little time for enjoying the taste of victory but just how do you go about celebrating a historic win?

The answer it seems is simple, jump in the cryotherapy chamber! That’s what the Wales team did after a 3am arrival at NorthCryotheir training headquarters. Now that takes dedication! The -150°C liquid nitrogen cooled chamber will sort out not only the fatigue after such a hard-hitting game but also help reduce the impact of the soft tissue injuries, inevitable from the big hits that each player made and received. Wales’ wing sensation, George North, was pictured exiting the chamber and the smile on his face probably owes more to the victory than the pleasure of being in the chamber.  Hopefully, George and teammates enjoyed one of the side effects of a cryotherapy treatment which is, an excellent nights sleep. Fingers crossed that the early morning trip to the cryotherapy chamber does the job for the team in their next game.

Picture courtesy of Wales Online.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has become a major component in the training programmes of many of the participants in the Rugby World Cup 2015, starting today in UK.
From being a ‘secret weapon” used by the Welsh rugby team in 2011 tournament, the adoption of Whole Body Cryotherapy has, this year, seen a number of teams competing for access to chambers in the UK and in overseas training facilities.The Italian team has been photographed, in a chamber, as part of their preparation. CryoAction director, Ian Saunders commented, “We have received a large number of enquiries for whole body cryotherapy units from countries competing in the Rugby World Cup 2015. Sadly all units were booked out some time ago and there are simply not enough units to meet the demand which has far exceeded our projections”.
The reasoning behind this adoption is simple to work out. The extreme cold of a Whole body Cryotherapy chamber, with temperatures reaching as low as -160°C, enables the body to increase the recovery rate from fatigue by up to 5 times traditional methods. The body undergoes a reaction to the cold that reduces the pain of fatigue and sends the tired blood from the arms and legs back to the body’s core, in order to preserve the central temperature. Once the players leave the chamber, fresh re-oxygenated blood, rich with enzymes, rushes back into the extremities, bringing with it a pleasant “hit” of endorphins.
A further benefit from the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is that the body also has an accelerated recovery from soft tissue injuries, inevitable from the “big hit” and physical rugby of the modern game. Bruising and swelling is substantially reduced as well as recovery from other types of aggravating injuries, as Welsh captain’s Sam Warburton’s rapid return to Six Nations competition in 2012 testifies.
Whole Body Cryotherapy has a big part to play over the course of the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see if the countries using the equipment are those to win out in the end.

Manchester City are one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world and are top of the Premiership League. Leicester City FC last season were struggling and hired in a product to help them to survive relegation. They survived relegation last year, and are now second in the league, under Manchester City, but above Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal to name a few. Are you wondering why that may be?

So what do Manchester City and Leicester City have in common (please don’t say – City in their name)? The answer is both clubs use Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC). Used in a wide number of sports, Cryotherapy allows elite athletes to recover quicker from fatigue or injury. For more info on WBC taka a look at

This quicker recovery is important to the players, its important to the medical team, its important to the coaching staff and its also important to the senior executive management. WHY – its because ultimately cryotherapy allows the athlete to recover quicker. So if they are tired from a hard training session, after 3 minutes, they have the energy to train again which is fantastic to the coaching staff.

So the player recovers quicker, can spend more time on the training ground with the coaches. This is of course of great benefit to the clubs officials, as such additional training time ultimately leads to better team performance, which as we all know leads to better results. Better results lead to success and success leads to financial gains for the club.

Over the coming weeks, International squads will be using Cryotherapy at the Rugby World Cup. These guys will tell you, as will Manchester City or Leicester City, that the treatment which subjects you to cold air maxing out at -160 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes makes a massive difference, and these are reasons which helped Leicester at the end of last season, and indeed the same reasons which are helping Leicester be number 2 in the Premiership underneath Manchester City (who also use Cryotherapy).

Take a look at to find out more, and watch a video from Leicester City about Cryotherapy from their Head Physiotherapist as well as some of their players.

So there you have it, 2 teams at the top of the Premiership and both use cryotherapy, is that coincidence? Some of the worlds biggest sporting stars from football, rugby, athletics, horse racing, cycling, golf etc etc etc will tell you its not.