Buying Cryotherapy Machines

Cryoaction cryotherapy chamber

Buying Cryotherapy Machines

In the past ice packs and baths were used to relieve pains and aches after strenuous exercise or as a way of treating chronic pain amongst people suffering from multiple sclerosis, but the possibility of getting whole body cryotherapy by using a cryotherapy chamber for only a couple of minutes opened new vistas.

cryotherapy machinesThe health benefits that can be enjoyed from whole body cryotherapy are well documented and range from increased weight loss, reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety, accelerated muscle recovery, skin rejuvenation and relief of chronic pain.

Demand for cryotherapy chambers

Introducing cryotherapy treatment into the world of sports, health and beauty increased its popularity. This led to increased demand from athletes, coaches, fitness trainers, beauty technicians, celebrities and people suffering from various ailments for the provision of more cryotherapy facilities. Astute business people have noticed this trend and identified the potential of whole-body cryotherapy for creating new start-up ventures or increasing the revenue of existing business like spas, gyms, and hotels. This led to an increased demand for cryotherapy chambers in the UK.

Benefits of Cryotherapy Chambers

Many business people contemplate installing cryotherapy chambers as either a new business venture or as part of an existing business but it is important that before you take the plunge to make sure that you consider the different factors that will play a role in the success of the cryotherapy machines venture. The benefits of setting up a cryotherapy chamber are the following:

  • Requires a small space in comparison with other businesses like a gym or a spa. An area of approximately 10 x 10 m will be sufficient.
  • It can be used to complement other services at an existing business like a gym.
  • Lower setup costs in comparison to that of other fitness facilities.
  • The different available methods of setting up the chamber like buying, renting or even providing transportable facilities.
  • Low running costs and high revenue potential with faster recovery of capital costs.

Choosing CryoAction as Supplier.

One of the most important factors for success is to decide who the supplier of the Cryotherapy machines is going to be. This will affect the functioning of the business and its profitability. When choosing a supplier like CryoAction the following benefits will be unlocked:

  • The advantage of doing business with the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy in the UK and their association with professional sports clubs and bodies covering sports like football, rugby, athletics, swimming, golf, and numerous other sporting codes.
  • The technology used in their chambers and the ability to provide treatments at temperatures of no less than -135 degree Celsius.
  • CryoAction ability to assist with installations and the provision of rental of mobile and transportable cryotherapy chambers throughout the UK.
  • Installation of fixed cryotherapy chambers inside existing training facilities.
  • Chambers that are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and fully EC approved as medical devices.
  • Provision of all services including installation, maintenance, service and support to ensure the optimal use of the cryotherapy equipment.