Can Cryotherapy Give You a Six Pack?

Is cryotherapy a useful accessory in toning your figure and giving you a six pack?

Cryotherapy six pack image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).
All dynamic without the tension: cryotherapy could help with toning your body. Image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).

In a previous post, we had a picture of a convenience store to illustrate our company’s recent media coverage. For many people, this is the best place to get a six pack (how much is a can compared with a pub pint these days?). But we won’t be talking about that variety. Instead, we shall be talking about the wonders of getting a six pack through cryotherapy. As for getting a beer belly, that’s out of the window straight away.

It is claimed that cryotherapy is good for getting a Chippendales-esque torso. That we can understand owing to the fitness benefits. Your joints are in better form for a workout. In Muscle and Fitness magazine, its fitness editor, Tony Barraso took the whole body treatment at KryoLife a New York City health studio. After a cold sensation in his legs for half an hour, he was energised for the full day.

In Mens Health magazine, Steve Westlake enjoyed his session in the cryo chamber. He found it preferable to ice baths and an icy cold shower. Price was his quibble, but he stated that cryotherapy is good for speeding up his recovery time, if in a hurry.

As to whether cryotherapy can give you a six pack straight away, that is not possible. Nobody leaves the cryochamber looking like Popeye, after a can of spinach. What cryotherapy does is that it forms part of your fitness regime. As stated by Mr. Westlake, good for speeding up your recovery time.

Which is why football teams, rugby sides from League and Union codes, and athletes use it as part of their training methods. The Sixpack Factory website recommends full body cryotherapy within two days of training or injury. With a blast of below zero temperatures for three minutes, it is possible to turn “a ‘chump’ into a champ”*. Alongside a good balanced diet and exercise regime.

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* Charles Atlas (1892 – 1972)