Case Study Arsenal

Successfully beating a number of competitors in the tender process, work started immediately on manufacturing the bespoke parts. These had to be designed, made and delivered quickly, as well as being installed prior to the players return following the summer break.

Product Installed

Collaborating with senior management at the club as well as Architects and Contractors, the old showers and washroom adjacent to the hydro area were knocked down creating space for a 6-8 person fixed, cryotherapy chamber to be installed – the biggest currently in the Premier League.

The external technical room was cleverly incorporated into a small outside storage cupboard, located close to the chamber and the 2000 litre external vessel.

Working alongside countless contractors all involved in simultaneously refurbishing the £multimillion 1 st team training centre, CryoAction installed the entire system inside 9 days and moved off site on the 10 th day following the cryotherapy training to the medical and facilities staff.