Case Study Brentford FC

Brentford FC like so many teams in the EFL Championship has an extremely busy schedule of games, and the need to recover quickly is key, allowing their first team to Return to play as quickly as possible particularly from fatigue and soft tissue injury.

CryoAction have been working closely with Brentford since 2016

Product Installed

Initially we brought to site our partners (BOC) mobile unit due to all of CryoAction’s units being used elsewhere between the Premier League and EFL Championship. However for the last two seasons CryoAction have supplied our large 4-5 person Transportable rental unit, coming to site on a number of occasions between 2017 and 2018.


Neil Greig
Brentford FC Head of Medical

“Over the past three seasons, the use of Cryotherapy has become an integral part of our philosophy in relation to training our players for performance .

Over the same period, we have built a strong relationship with the staff at CryoAction who have delivered us a consistently high level of customer service. CryoAction equipment is second-to-none and their staff are both knowledgeable and committed to delivering an elite level service to their clients.”