Case Study Football Association of Wales

Working with the FAW since 2016, Cryotherapy has been used frequently by the squad using various different grnres along the way subject to availability, with CryoAction now firmly established as a key supplier at international camps.

Product Installed

Various units have been used to good effect by the squad, ranging from mobile units through to large branded Transportable units prior to the successful Euro campaign through to even larger chambers for the most recent international camps of 2018.

With chambers frequently treating 5 players at a time after morning and afternoon training sessions, as well as late into the evening immediately after the games themselves, CryoAction are proud to be associated with not only the FAW but also its high profile players such as Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale.


Sean Connolly
Football Association of Wales Medical Services Manager
& Lead Physiotherapist

“Without doubt, the use of cryotherapy has helped our players recover far quicker from fatigue after training or games played, allowing for a much more aggressive regime on the training ground with the coaching staff.”