Case Study Leicester City

After using the mobile cryotherapy device to such good effect during the previous season, the medical staff at Leicester City wanted required a permanent cryotherapy chamber at their training ground to speed up rehabilitation from soft tissue damage and ongoing niggling injuries. 9 months after the CryoAction installation, with the lowest injury rate, Leicester City was crowned Premier League Champions.

Product Installed

With available internal space limited, the club chose a CryoAction Transportable 2-3 person chamber to be installed at their training ground. Collaboration between CryoAction, Architects and the clubs Facilities Director meant after careful planning, an external door was built in into the outside wall of the medical room which allows access directly into the cryochamber.

The Transportable unit was designed to meet the exact dimensions of the new doorway leading into the medical room, meaning a clear transition between the cryotherapy room and medical room is possible.

So successful has the integration of cryotherapy been at Leicester City in terms of recovery and player buy in, plans are now in place for a fixed unit to be installed into their impressive new training ground during 2020.


Dave Rennie
Leicester City FC Head Physiotherapist

“The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy unit has become an integral part of the recovery and preparation culture here at Leicester City Football Club.