Celebrities Who Swear By Cryotherapy

A look at the celebrities who choose cryotherapy treatments and why they choose to have them

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrities image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).
Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo swears by cryotherapy so much that he has his own whole body cryotherapy chamber at home. Image by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley (via Shutterstock).

Within our website, we have focused on the many sports teams who have turned to us for cryotherapy treatments. Teams who have hired or purchased the cryotherapy systems we offer and champion. As well as sports stars, celebrities other than sports personalities have warmed to their two minutes in the deep freeze.

For the average person off the street, a two minute spell in the deep freeze requires an appointment with your nearest health spa or fitness centre. At over £110 a time, it doesn’t come cheap. Two celebrities have avoided the need to book an appointment, by having their own cryotherapy chambers. One is Cristiano Ronaldo, who bought his own machine to avoid booking appointments.

For similar reasons we assume, the self-help guru, Tony Robbins does the same. He has a daily session to combat muscle swelling and torpor. With body care in mind, this is true with Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan (who introduced her father to the treatment), Alisha Keys, and Jessica Alba.

Therapy, Cryotherapy

If you can forgive our miserable attempt at misquoting James Bond, it is worth pointing out that Daniel Craig swears by the treatment. In addition to weightlifting, the present James Bond added cryotherapy treatment to his fitness regimen in 2012. This was whilst he was filming Skyfall. As cryotherapy treatments can burn 800 calories in just three minutes, Mr. Craig’s tuxedo probably fitted him better than before.

If it is good enough for James Bond, it is good enough for other celebrities, whether sports stars or actors. Other advocates include Hugh Jackman, Derek Hough, and Demi Lovato. Why not join them?

CryoAction, 12 June 2017.