Comment on Cryotherapy Safety

The sad death of a Las Vegas spa manager in a cryotherapy chamber has led to a number of headlines questioning the safety of cryotherapy in general. As the leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports, CryoAction places the highest importance to the safety of its clients and wishes to add its views to the current debate.


The equipment used in the spa in question is referred to as a ‘cryosauna’. It is important to note that these single person cabinets are fundamentally different to the chambers marketed and sold by CryoAction. The design of the equipment is substantially different, with whole body cryotherapy chambers treating up to 6 people at a time in a specifically designed room. Cryosaunas are a single user, partial body cryotherapy unit, requiring the user to elevate their head above the potential noxious gases from the liquid nitrogen that is  injected directly into the cabinet. This not only has the potential to place cryosauna users in direct contact with the harmful gases but also the droplets of liquid nitrogen itself that carries a risk of frostbite.  It is due to these serious safety flaws that led CryoAction to not supply such products, an important safety decision mirrored by the two leading provider of liquid nitrogen gas in UK, banning the sale of gas to suppliers of cryosaunas.


Whole Body Cryotherapy chambers, as sold by CryoAction, use a heat exchanger as a key element of the functionality of the chamber. This external device cools the air inside the chamber and in contract to a cryosauna, prevents harmful liquid nitrogen gases from being injected into the chamber. CryoAction chambers have the highest levels of EC certification for medical uses and are subject to regular inspection and maintenance.


CryoAction chambers are operated by a trained practitioner, whose function is to ensure that chamber users are specifically briefed and monitored throughout the entire treatment. The treatment will only operate for a given period of time at the end of which the system will shut down. The equipment cannot be used without an operator being present, and the design ensures that during any point of the treatment and for any reason, the users can leave the chamber by the two exit doors built into the structure.


Our chambers incorporate a range of safety features such as a number of oxygen sensors, designed to detect any form of oxygen depletion. Should such an incident occur, alarms will sound, directing users to evacuate the chamber and the chamber will automatically shut down.


The death of anyone in cryotherapy equipment is a cause for concern. While the circumstances and causes of this sad event are unknown at this time, CryoAction would echo calls for safety inspections of cryosauna equipment and certification of operators. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased.