CryoAction Cryotherapy helps Huddersfield Town prepare for Premier League season.

Premier League new boys, Huddersfield Town have become the latest club to install a cryotherapy unit from industry leaders, CryoAction. In the run up to the club’s inaugural season in the top flight, the Terriers have invested in the revolutionary technology to help their players meet the physical challenges of the most competitive league in the world.

The 4 person CryoAction cryotherapy unit has been installed at Huddersfield Town’s training ground and is now in regular use by the first team and staff. The experience of enduring temperatures as low as -160°C is a new one for many of the players but they have quickly embraced the treatment, and cryotherapy has been readily integrated as part of their recovery protocols.

CryoAction co-founder, Ian Saunders commented “We are delighted to be working with Huddersfield Town in their first season in the Premier League. We hope that the installation of our cryotherapy chamber and the adoption of the treatment used by so many of our other elite clients in football will help the players stay healthy and recover faster from the physical demands of the modern game.”

Huddersfield Town’s Head of Performance Services, Dr. John Iga, said of the installation “Our playing style and training regime are well documented and necessitate that we have the most comprehensive approaches to player recovery possible, and cryotherapy forms an important part of our strategy

John added, “Having made the decision to invest in cryotherapy, we contacted CryoAction due to their track record and reputation within football and have been delighted how quickly they were able to install a 4 person system in time for the start of pre-season training. Our staff have now been fully trained to operate the cryochamber, and already the feedback from the players has been extremely positive.”

CryoAction Cryotherapy chamber as installed at Huddersfield TownThe whole body cryotherapy unit installed at the club is a 4 person transportable unit, comprising a dual chamber cryotherapy suite complete with CCTV, monitors, 02 sensors, heated windows, audio system and touch screen control panel.

David Morris of CryoAction said “Huddersfield Town, like so many of our Premier League clients, the technology enables their players to recover from fatigue, reduce the impact of soft tissue injuries, while improving the players immunity and overall wellbeing. We look forward to working with everyone at the club and wish them good fortune this season and beyond.”

About CryoAction

CryoAction is the leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy systems with a range of Premier League clients including Arsenal, Leicester City, Everton and many others.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a rapid recovery solution used by elite sports clubs. The treatment involves a 3 minute exposure to air that is cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C. The physiological reaction to the extreme cold brings about a series of benefits such as reductions in inflammation, pain relief, positive hormonal responses, reduction in stress levels and enhanced sleep recovery.



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