CryoAction Provide Rangers with Cryotherapy Unit

Cryothrapy for Rangers FC

The Scottish Football Club, Rangers decided to purchase a cryotherapy unit to help their players relax their muscles and keep fit during football matches. The cryotherapy chambers functioning is to relieve sprains, muscle pain, and swelling especially after surgery or soft tissue damage.

cryotherapy chamberThere are many types of whole body cryotherapy units produced around the world and in use by athletes, hospitals, and people who want to relax their muscles privately in their homes. Rangers Football Club have taken a massive step towards ensuring its players get treatment whenever they get injured.

Who are CryoAction?

CryoAction are a renowned provider of whole body cryotherapy equipment to sporting organisations. We has also become the most preferred choice for physiotherapists and medical teams across the world because of the quality of our cryotherapy services. CryoAction are based in London, UK, as a privately owned company.

Features of the Cryotherapy Units

These units contain steam cooled by nitrogen gas to provide a cooling effect to different parts of the body. With ice pack therapy, you place an ice pack over an injured area of the body for a specific period. This ice pack absorbs heat from the damaged region and reduces the pain that the player may be feeling.

Ice pack therapy is used during sports competitions because players can be treated of their injuries within only 10 minutes and get back to their peak performance in the pitch. These chamber units are a must have for any serious sports club.

The benefits of the Cryotherapy Units

Cryotherapy units have numerous advantages to your body fitness and performance. Here they are:

  1. Pain Relief

Cryotherapy helps to reduce muscle pain and manage joint and muscle disorders such as arthritis. It also promotes fast healing of athletic injuries. The Rangers footballers will get back to form within few minutes if they get injured.

  1. Reduced Inflammation

If you have chronic inflammation linked to diseases such as diabetes and cancer, then a whole body cryotherapy session may be the best cure for you. Your inflammation will reduce within a few minutes in the cryotherapy chamber.

  1. Weight loss

It is true that Cryotherapy alone will not reduce your weight, but it can support the process. Research has revealed that cryotherapy enhances metabolism within the body which is good for weight loss.

Cryotherapy is a critical procedure that every sports club should invest in to ensure that their players are in perfect condition while gaming.