Cryotherapy and the Anti-Ageing Process

Cryotherapy Anti-Ageing image by Transurfer (via Shutterstock).
Eternal Youth: could cryotherapy be good for anti-ageing against moisturisers and creams? Image by Transurfer (via Shutterstock).

We all want to turn back time. Some of us can find a way through Cher’s 1989 hit, performed at many karaoke nights from Folkestone to Ullapool, though not that effective. We might set our computer back to a given point via System Restore or Time Machine. As an anti-ageing measure, we turn to creams, detoxification programmes, and cosmetic surgery.

Several critics think cryotherapy can play a part in the anti-ageing progress. With joints, cryotherapy helps to reduce their swelling, hence its use with sports injuries. With wrinkles, there is one cousin of cryotherapy which allows you to ‘turn back time’: cryoneuromodulation. This uses an extremely cold needle probe. After an anaesthetic, one to five little needles are placed on either side of your face with each shot lasting 30 seconds.

There is also a device known as the Cryo 6, which removes varicose veins from your arms or legs. This course of injections takes 20 minutes, using 40 to 80 needles.

For anti-ageing, whole body or facial cryotherapy treatments are commonly used. Many people – as seen elsewhere on our website – have sung the praises of its benefits. Particularly with feeling more energised, whether en route to the shops, or prior to exercise.

There is also localised cryotherapy. A tube is pointed to a given body part to aid its recovery, or to help your quest for eternal youth. One cryotherapy clinic has used localised treatments for genitalia! This could be used for removing warts, skin tags, and actinic keratosis.

CryoAction, 27 June 2017.