Benefits of Cryotherapy Chambers in Spas

Cryotherapy involves using cold temperatures in medical therapy. The treatment is sweeping the spa world as many new cryotherapy spas keep opening countrywide; elite athletes are advocating that craze. During a cryotherapy session, you’ll wear a protective bathing suit, gloves, socks plus ear and mouth gear to shield against frostbite.

cryotherapy in spas

You’re guided through a sequence of increasingly cold chambers: you will stay here for a few minutes or seconds. The cold temperature quickly cools surface capillaries and then push more blood plus oxygen through your system. Here are some of the benefits of cryotherapy chambers in spas:

  • Reduction of Fatigue and Chronic Pain – For people suffering from Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or general body pain, cryo spa therapy reduces both. Some people will experience several hours of relief and others will enjoy a relief lasting days or longer. Everyone is different, thus the results vary; however, most of the participants feel that 3 minutes of cold is always worth the period of pain relief afterwards. One study concerning fibromyalgia patients revealed that after 15 sessions in the cryotherapy chambers, pain levels were improved.


  • Increases Performance Levels – Cryotherapy chambers have been used by many athletes because the treatment they provide helps them recover faster from their activity. Cryo spa therapy increases the joint and muscle strength of athletes allowing them to train sooner and improve outcomes. Since the muscles, as well as tissues, aren’t frozen, the athlete can begin exercising immediately. Also, enriched blood will flow back through the athlete’s body through the process called vasodilation. Unlike ice baths, the muscles do not need time for recovering after the cryotherapy.


  • Increased Metabolism – After a cryotherapy session, it takes lots of energy to reheat your body. During a 3-minute cryo spa therapy, you can burn around 500-800 calories. When your skin is cooled to about 35 degrees F, it needs lots of energy to reheat the skin to regular body temperature.


  • Happiness Boost – Instead of reaching out for antidepressants, many people opt for cryotherapy. The reason behind it is that the process releases endorphins into your bloodstream, and you will feel your mood increasing after a session. What happens is that the endorphins will interact with pain receptors and reduce pain perception. As a result, cortisol levels are reduced, making you feel good.


  • Decreases Inflammation – Cryotherapy reduces inflammation throughout your body so that healing may occur in different areas at a time. Also, it stimulates the vagus nerve, hence reducing fatigue and anxiety.


  • Boosts Collagen – Cryotherapy can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase your skin collagen.

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