What Does Cryotherapy Do For You?

Cryotherapy originated in Japan back in 1978 and was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. After extensive research in Europe, its benefits have been refined, and the practice is now widely used in the United States.


It features cryosaunas that use liquid nitrogen to lower the user’s skin temperature to around 30 degrees F in not more than three minutes. Although liquid nitrogen is used in making the cold, users do not get in contact with the gas. The human skin normally reacts to the cold sending messages to the brain, which acts by stimulating the body’s regulatory functions. This helps the areas that are not working to their fullest potential to start functioning well.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Pain Relief and Reducing Swelling

It is common to find a first aider applying an ice pack to an injury that is likely to lead to inflammation. This treatment works the same way by reducing pain and swelling in the entire body. This includes muscle pain and that caused by medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Most athletes use cryosaunas after every major event and attest to its immense help in speeding recovery and diminishing muscle soreness.

Weight Loss

If you immerse the whole body in a cryosauna, it can help in your weight loss journey. When the body is extremely cold, it is forced to work harder to keep warm, which, in turn, burns more calories. Many spas offering this service advertise that spending some minutes in a cryosauna can help you increase your metabolism throughout the day since, after the treatment, the brain sends the rest of the body some signals to pump more blood to the core. This is meant for raising the body temperature, which leads to increased metabolic rates.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

The same way it reduces swelling, this treatment has been found to cure mental health problems that are linked to inflammation. In 2008, a small study was conducted and showed that one-third of people diagnosed with depression had their symptoms reduced by 50% after making use of cryosaunas. This reduction was greater than in those who never went through the treatment.

Improves Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that leaves a patient with very itchy dry dermal patches. Getting into a cryosauna can help relieve these symptoms although some patients might suffer from frostbite on tiny areas of their skin.

Helps Treat Migraine Headaches

If you get into a cryosauna with your focus on the neck, it might help relieve or even prevent migraine headaches. Although the pain caused by a migraine headache might not disappear completely after such a treatment, it will definitely reduce.

All these benefits can confirm that this technology is useful and, therefore, it is not going anywhere soon. People can continue to enjoy the perks that come with spending a few minutes in a cryosauna. CryoAction will teach you all the benefits of hiring a chamber and even help you procure one at a good price.