Cryotherapy and Your Immune System

How cryotherapy has an effect on your immune system

When winter comes, are you first in the queue for cold remedies? Do you reach for the vapour rub or Olbas Oil once you get a sniffle? As well as restoring football and rugby players to fitness, cryotherapy has another benefit: it reduces your chances of having colds. Alongside having a balanced diet, cryotherapy is also good for your immune system.

Instead of intensive training, whole body cryotherapy gives your immune system and fitness levels a boost. Repeated exposure to the cryo chamber increases your white blood cell count. This reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation. This is thanks to an enhanced noradrenaline (norepinephrine) response triggered by the cold.

Furthermore, cryotherapy boosts your ability to have a good night’s sleep. A bad cold could also affect your sleep too. So as well as preventing you from the worst excesses of the common cold, you could wake up full of beans after a refreshing sleep.

With your improved immune system, say hello to a new energised you in the daytime. Also to a good night’s sleep each night. Is it any wonder why sports personalities swear by cryotherapy?

CryoAction, 26 May 2017.