How Cryotherapy Became In Use for Sports

Why Cryotherapy is the Number One Recovery Treatment for Sport Injuries

To be the best, athletes have endured vigorous training techniques often resulting in physical injuries, some of which are permanent.

cryotherapy chamber

The general application of ice packs to sore muscles and long soaks in ice baths has since then been the primary procedure of treatment until cryotherapy was introduced, a new and advanced procedure to enhance the rehabilitation process of damaged muscles, general fatigue due to excessive workout routines.

Cryotherapy vs. Traditional Treatments

The primary objective of Cryotherapy remains parallel to the traditional conventional form of medicating athletes with sports injuries; nonetheless, the procedure is faster, extremely effective and more convenient than the latter. Exposing the body to unprecedented cold temperatures, generated by liquid nitrogen in a sustainable cryochamber alleviates pain from sore muscles, inflammation, sprains, and postoperative swelling also known as soft tissue damage. The process is short, ranging from 3-4 minutes in -180 degrees partly clothed, but the results are incredible, promoting a complete and speedy recovery.

Cryotherapy in the UK

The trend of whole body cryotherapy has proven to be lucrative for health spas and rehabilitation sports centres, as more and more individuals are acknowledging the health benefits associated with cryotherapy treatment. One of the leading providers of this service in the UK for athletes and sports elites is CryoAction. CryoAction is favoured among competitors for the following reasons:

  •  A wide selection of quality standardised cryo chambers to choose from.
  •  A committed passion for assisting athletes to perform their best through Cryotherapy recovery treatments.
  •  Exceptional installations followed up with aftercare staff who will ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your cryochamber.
  •  A Knowledgeable and helpful team of individuals who will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.
Cryotherapy in Pro sports

While a lot of professional sports players such as NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, Boxing Hall of Fame; Floyd Mayweather and Usain Bolt are now using cryotherapy recovery as a tool to keep their bodies physically fit, healthy and strong through their workout routines. It also has a psychological implication as well. Pro athletes have reported feeling more confident in themselves as athletes, hitting that cryotherapy not only removes aches and pains but also help boost self-esteem levels as well. Athletes are more optimistic in the face of an injury, knowing that it is possible to completely recover without having to leave the sport.