Cryotherapy Myths and Their Facts

Whole-body cryotherapy has been rapidly increasing in popularity, but as it is still a relatively new process, a number of myths are still widely believed. These are the most common myths, and the actual facts about them.

1. Cryotherapy is a painful process

A whole-body cryotherapy treatment lasts for three to five minutes, which is not enough time for the cold to fully penetrate the body. While hands and feet do need to be protected, the process is normally described as a shock, slight tingle or an exciting rush, instead of being painful.

2. Cryotherapy is just for elite athletes

Many cryotherapy users are indeed professional athletes who compete at an elite standard, because it is an efficient and highly effective method of removing lactic acid from the muscles, and speeding up the recovery process by promoting the healing of the tiny muscle tears that occur.

However, all strenuous workouts cause the same issues, which means that it can be a useful part of fitness recovery regardless of your level.

3. Cryotherapy is a new trend that won’t last

Using entire body cryotherapy is a new application, but using the cold to treat various conditions is certainly not a new idea. Placing ice on injuries to prevent swelling, freezing off warts or moles, and alternating hot and cold baths after exercise have all been carried out for many years.

4. Cryotherapy is unsafe

The use of extreme cold is most likely to have led to this assumption, but the exposure time is very short. In fact, due to the difference in duration, cryotherapy is considered to be less likely to lead to hypothermia or a drop in core body temperature than an ice bath, which has been successfully used for centuries.

5. Cryotherapy is unproven

Many of the potential benefits of cryotherapy are, as yet, unproven, and a great deal more research is needed. However, there has been a great deal of interest in the effects on muscle recovery after exercise, and a large number of published studies now support its use for this purpose.

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