Cryotherapy topping the table in the Premiership

Manchester City are one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world and are top of the Premiership League. Leicester City FC last season were struggling and hired in a product to help them to survive relegation. They survived relegation last year, and are now second in the league, under Manchester City, but above Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal to name a few. Are you wondering why that may be?

So what do Manchester City and Leicester City have in common (please don’t say – City in their name)? The answer is both clubs use Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC). Used in a wide number of sports, Cryotherapy allows elite athletes to recover quicker from fatigue or injury. For more info on WBC taka a look at

This quicker recovery is important to the players, its important to the medical team, its important to the coaching staff and its also important to the senior executive management. WHY – its because ultimately cryotherapy allows the athlete to recover quicker. So if they are tired from a hard training session, after 3 minutes, they have the energy to train again which is fantastic to the coaching staff.

So the player recovers quicker, can spend more time on the training ground with the coaches. This is of course of great benefit to the clubs officials, as such additional training time ultimately leads to better team performance, which as we all know leads to better results. Better results lead to success and success leads to financial gains for the club.

Over the coming weeks, International squads will be using Cryotherapy at the Rugby World Cup. These guys will tell you, as will Manchester City or Leicester City, that the treatment which subjects you to cold air maxing out at -160 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes makes a massive difference, and these are reasons which helped Leicester at the end of last season, and indeed the same reasons which are helping Leicester be number 2 in the Premiership underneath Manchester City (who also use Cryotherapy).

Take a look at to find out more, and watch a video from Leicester City about Cryotherapy from their Head Physiotherapist as well as some of their players.

So there you have it, 2 teams at the top of the Premiership and both use cryotherapy, is that coincidence? Some of the worlds biggest sporting stars from football, rugby, athletics, horse racing, cycling, golf etc etc etc will tell you its not.

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