Cryotherapy UK

Cryotherapy in the UK is a growing trend with the use in elite sports in the United Kingdom, driving up the profile of the treatment and its use for recovery and rehabilitation post-exercise.

The cryotherapy treatment places the patient into a specially designed cryogenic chamber where the air inside is cooled to -135°C. The patient enters for a period of three minutes during which time the body undergoes a reaction to the extreme cold called vasoconstriction, driving cold blood from the extremities to the core. On leaving the chamber, the blood having being flushed through the body’s normal processes is returned to the arms and legs but is now enriched with enzymes. The resulting rush of endorphins and positive energy, gives the patient a series of benefits from the treatment such as recovery from fatigue, reduction in inflammation, reinvigoration as well as providing a great night’s sleep.

Already available in major UK cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and others, cryotherapy is being used by amateur athletes for recovery as well as health and beauty advocates for weight-loss and skin-toning. In addition, UK sufferers of chronic illnesses such as rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and many more, are using the cryotherapy chambers.

Among the famous UK users of whole body cryotherapy are the following UK elite sports teams :-

Football / Soccer

English Premier League

Leicester City Football Club

Watford Football Club

Manchester City Football Club

Swansea City Football Club

Arsenal Football Club

Everton Football Club

Manchester United Football Club

Norwich City Football Club

Stoke City Football Club

Newcastle United Football Club

West Ham United Football Club

Association Football Club Sunderland

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Derby County Football Club

Ipswich Town Football Club

Fulham Football Club

Rugby Union











Northampton Saints