Fun Cryotherapy Facts

10 Fun Cryotherapy Facts

Cryotherapy is a medical treatment that involves entering a whole-body chamber with cold air at temperatures below -130ºc. The process sounds fun and the benefits are fascinating. Below are the fun cryotherapy facts that everyone should know.

  1. Lose weight

We all can agree that losing weight is a gruelling task. With cryotherapy, the effort is delighting and easier. If you set your body inside the cryotherapy chamber for three minutes, you can burn up to 800 calories. Low temperatures burn fats and speed up metabolism.

  1. First presented in Japan

In 1978, cryogenic therapy was presented in Japan. Many medical practitioners conducted an extensive study that grew them a strong interest in the cold or freezing technology. The fun fact is that the technology went public after all those years of conformation and captivated numerous people in the globe.

  1. Skin anti-ageing

Numerous medical experts and Practitioners have agreed cryotherapy can help in improving skin conditions; taking of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction and prevention. Excellent news for ladies.

  1. Treats mood disorders

Ultra-cold temperatures can cause physiological hormonal responses. Hormones that can be released include endorphins, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, which is great for people experiencing depression and anxiety, overall mood disorders.

  1. Sports

NBA superstars, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James, and Grant Hill, testified that cryotherapy has impressive benefits for pain relief, sports performance, and muscle recovery. Many athletes have included cryotherapy in their routine to recover fast and enhance mobility.

  1. First usage of Cryo – chamber

A Cryo-chamber was initially used to cure rheumatoid arthritis together with other conditions with symptoms like discomfort and pain of the joints and muscles.

  1. Blood Circulation

Once you expose your skin to cold temperature, your body responds, it hijacks blood to get into the preservation method. In the process, the blood gasps beneficial nutrients and enzymes, and increase muscle fatigue relief once it gets into your muscles.

  1. Boost oxygen

Cryotherapy treatment causes blood circulation to rise, therefore reducing cellulite, which results to an inflate in nutrients and oxygen to the cells, contouring of the muscles, and speeding up the excretion of all the waste materials.

  1. Beneficial before and after strenuous physical activities

Cryotherapy treatment is done before a strenuous body workout to boost the results. When done after, it speeds up your recovery time.

  1. Keeps the body in shape

Do you want to boost your confidence to the loop? Well, Cryotherapy treatment can help you keep your body in shape. Several celebrities like Daniel Craig and Mandy Moore use the procedure.