The Future of Cryotherapy Treatment

Cryotherapy treatment involves a person standing in a tank with torso and legs exposed to very low-temperature vapours.

future of cryotherapy

The body is normally surrounded with frigid temperatures that are produced by liquid nitrogen. These extreme temperatures are meant to lower the body tissue temperatures thus, resulting in lowered pain, increased blood flow and reduced swelling.

The Future Treatment for Cancer

Cryotherapy may become the future interventional radiology treatment for freezing cancer tumours. The procedure can be very helpful in killing cancer cells that have metastasised in the soft tissues like ovarian and bone cancer. Patients suffering from such cancers are not considered fit for surgery and would, therefore, benefit a lot from this non-invasive treatment. There is a need for other options of improved treatments for people diagnosed with metastases in their soft tissues and bone since they are not fit to be operated on. Soft tissues cryotherapy is an option that is well tolerated mostly by patients suffering from anaesthesia risks, those looking for local control when undergoing chemotherapy and patients with painful lesions. The tumour location and size does not rule out the possibility of effective treatment or pose a bigger risk as long as precautions are followed. Deadly temperatures have been used to kill tumour cells successfully, leading to up to 77% tumour shrinkage after two years. Besides controlling tumours, cryotherapy also helps shrink them, preserving the patient’s collagenous or fibrous structures. This makes the body heal better at the removal site without the formation of scar tissue.

Cryotherapy Recovery with Chronic Pain and Illnesses

Whole body cryotherapy has also been found to help relieve the symptoms associated with chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, osteoporosis and psoriasis, among others. It can also help improve a person’s mood by alleviating depression and anxiety disorders. Patients who suffer from frequent fatigue or any general body pain can also benefit from cryotherapy. You might experience a few hours relief from pain, or it could even last for days. Every person is unique, and so, it will react differently. This treatment might be the key to constant pain in athletes that results from injuries. They will be able to benefit from the relief of their pain and even take part in the sports instead of missing out. Taking several cryotherapy sessions will see their pain levels improving, and they can go on with their lives normally.

Cryotherapy as a Collagen Booster

Going for regular treatment can help make the appearance of wrinkles minimal since it increases the skin’s collagen. This might be the answer many people might be looking for. Instead of going for surgical procedures, they will enjoy spending just a few minutes in a chamber and end up with flawless skin.

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