5 Ways to Implement Cryotherapy Into Your Workout Routine

Discover 5 Ways to Implement Cryotherapy Into Your Workout Routine

Cryotherapy treatment can be worked into a regime to effectively support the process of weight loss or as part of an effort to improve strength and fitness. In our latest blog, we explore 5 ways Cryotherapy can be added to your workout regime.

1. Increased metabolism – by lowering the skin’s temperature, the body is forced to work harder to heat and transport the blood around the body. This increases metabolism and overall calorie expenditure. Work out

2. Fitness regime – since cryotherapy is so effective against muscle pain, it makes it easier to get back into a fitness regime following an injury, and even facilitate more intense and a higher volume of training.

3. Before and after – working out before cryotherapy will give you greater energy and greater recovery due to the reduction in inflammation, while those who work out after cryotherapy will experience a higher pain tolerance and more energy.

4. Reduce inflammation – cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation and restore the functional capacity of muscles after strenuous exercise.

5. Nutrients and oxygen – when exposed to the cold, the body will maintain blood in the core region to protect the vital organs. As soon as the cold is removed, the heart pumps blood back to the extremities, which helps bring back nutrients and oxygen to repair damaged tissues.

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