Long Term Effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been used since the 1700s in a variety of ways for its health benefits. This procedure, which involves the use of cold temperatures, is still used by many these days, to reduce pain and muscle spasms, slow down the ageing process, improve recovery and enhance general health.

What are the long term effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Besides having an array of short-term benefits, there are several long-term effects too, that people can benefit from with whole body cryotherapy, including:

Joint pain

Rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, in particular, are conditions that cause severe pain in the joints and muscles. In a study involving 64 women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy resulted in improved mobility, reduced pain, functional impairment and overall well-being in all the women, with the effects lasting for about three months after treatment.

Back pain

80 elderly men with severe back pain took part in a random trial. They were split into two groups, each group receiving Whole Body Cryotherapy twice a week and every day of the week, respectively. Results showed that the group that underwent Whole Body Cryotherapy every day reported a significant reduction in pain over a period of three months.


In another controlled study, 11 individuals with fibromyalgia reported various improvements in their quality of life for about one month after receiving cryotherapy treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis

After undergoing whole body cryotherapy, studies conducted on up to 44 patients showed an improvement in their exercise abilities as well as the duration of the activity. In addition to this, the functional status in individuals with secondary progressive MS showed an improvement that lasted for up to three months. Secondary progressive MS usually gets worse, with little possibility of the patient recovering.

Further studies were conducted on 43 women and 12 men with joint pain issues or spinal pain disorders. These individuals received 10 sessions of cryotherapy and all of them experienced an increase in their well-being and quality of life. An interesting factor about this particular study is that the worse the mental state of the individual was before therapy, the more they benefited from the treatment.

Some cryotherapy users have reported that whole body cryotherapy does a lot to help them manage severe pain problems like rheumatoid arthritis. With each session, the ability to conquer the pain long-term revitalised them, improved their sleep and gave them increased energy for the day.

If you are considering whole body cryotherapy, then contact us at CryoAction and enjoy all of the above long-term benefits. We have a variety of cryotherapy chambers for hire for athletes and elite sports, at hotels and spas through the entire UK.