Player/Club Benefits

Cryotherapy carries advantages for the player that go far beyond the tangible medical benefits and result in benefits in performance for both the individual athlete and ultimately, in sports such as soccer and rugby, in the form of the club or country.

The accelerated recovery process promoted by cryotherapy enables some of the following benefits:-

Increased coaching time

Cryotherapy offers the ability to optimise the time that coaching staff have with the players. The pressures of the modern game with all the distractions can reduce that time but the adaptation of the recovery process and reduction into a shortened timeline puts the player back onto the training pitch with a significant improvement in player availability with the coaching team.


Sports such as soccer and rugby are now played at such intensity that pressures are placed on the recovery process that can have a negative impact on both the health of the player as well as the performance of the team, as a whole. Cryotherapy, with its expedited recovery process, puts the player and team on the best footing to meet the demands of intensity head on.

Back to training

The accelerated time for recovery and cooldown, post training, as compared to a traditional method such as an ice bath or rub down, puts the player back into the training process quicker and allows the coaching staff, more time with the player.


The ability to rapidly shut down soft tissue injuries, puts the player back onto the training pitch faster than by using traditional methods.

Hormonal benefits

The endorphin rush from a cryotherapy session really gives the players a big lift in both their mood and physicality. Cryotherapy has been widely researched as a remedy for depression and anxiety.

Improved sleep pattern

One of the side effects from cryotherapy is a very positive impact on sleep patterns with many players reporting that they have experienced the best night’s sleep post session.