Sports Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Sport Injuries

You just have to look at the sports news at the end of a TV news bulletin to see that professional sport is big business. Sports people train intensively to get their bodies into peak condition to go for gold and to win. However, proper training principles are vital to prevent injuries. Preventing an injury is far easier than rehabilitating one and it can be worthwhile taking note of these few tips :

  • Any exercise, not performed properly, can cause an injury.
  • Try to avoid exercises and training that force your joints to go beyond their natural range of motion.
  • Never arch your back or even slouch while doing exercise as it can cause pressure on the vertebrae.
  • Don’t use straight legs while trying to do any form of sit-up or abdominal crunch.

Unfortunately, during any kind of physical activity, the body is exposed to injury. Pre-existing weaknesses, skeletal muscle imbalances and fatigue can result in injury which can be classified as acute or chronic. The basic principles of injury prevention are:

  • Stretching to improve flexibility
  • Warming up to increase the temperature of your muscles
  • Adequate training which includes a time of high-intensity exercises
  • Adequate nutrition before and after a sport event
  • Adequate recover after heavy training

Cryotherapy is essentially applying ice to the affected injury and with the Rugby World Cup, to assist with an injury during training sessions, a player would have whole body cryotherapy, entering a cryotherapy chamber and being subjected to temperatures of -100 °C so as to provide them with recovery.

Many scientific tests have been done to establish the benefits of cryotherapy for sports people to enhance muscular recovery by restricting the inflammatory process. Inflammation is the response of the tissues to injury and you’ll see redness, pain, swelling and loss of function.

Some of the benefits of cryotherapy in sport :

  • Increased blood circulation – whole body sports cryotherapy, for instance, provides the blood with more oxygen, delivering nutrients all around the body. This strongly circulating blood promotes hormonal balancing, a benefit for general health and for sport.
  • Increased strength and energy – increases range of motion and flexibility
  • Improves muscular fatigue
  • Improved concentration as your brain gets more oxygen
  • With such extreme temperatures with cryotherapy, the body tries to create balance or homeostasis again, and with expanded capilliaries, blood flow is increased, the immune system is boosted and healing in improved
  • The body’s white blood cells secrete proteins – cytokines. These proteins can be either pro – or anti-inflammatory. During whole-body cryotherapy for instance, pro-inflammatory cytokines are decreased and anti-inflammatory cytokines are increased, bringing about an anti-inflammatory response in the entire body.

Pain-Free Mobility Restored

Sports people will find that 3 minutes is the maximum time spent in a Cryosauna to achieve vasodilation. Cryotherapy sessions are available according to your health needs, and while one can leave you feeling pain-free, maximum results will be obtained with repeated treatments per week.

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