Cryotherapy involves using cold temperatures in medical therapy. The treatment is sweeping the spa world as many new cryotherapy spas keep opening countrywide; elite athletes are advocating that craze. During a cryotherapy session, you’ll wear a protective bathing suit, gloves, socks plus ear and mouth gear to shield against frostbite.

cryotherapy in spas

You’re guided through a sequence of increasingly cold chambers: you will stay here for a few minutes or seconds. The cold temperature quickly cools surface capillaries and then push more blood plus oxygen through your system. Here are some of the benefits of cryotherapy chambers in spas:

  • Reduction of Fatigue and Chronic Pain – For people suffering from Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or general body pain, cryo spa therapy reduces both. Some people will experience several hours of relief and others will enjoy a relief lasting days or longer. Everyone is different, thus the results vary; however, most of the participants feel that 3 minutes of cold is always worth the period of pain relief afterwards. One study concerning fibromyalgia patients revealed that after 15 sessions in the cryotherapy chambers, pain levels were improved.


  • Increases Performance Levels – Cryotherapy chambers have been used by many athletes because the treatment they provide helps them recover faster from their activity. Cryo spa therapy increases the joint and muscle strength of athletes allowing them to train sooner and improve outcomes. Since the muscles, as well as tissues, aren’t frozen, the athlete can begin exercising immediately. Also, enriched blood will flow back through the athlete’s body through the process called vasodilation. Unlike ice baths, the muscles do not need time for recovering after the cryotherapy.


  • Increased Metabolism – After a cryotherapy session, it takes lots of energy to reheat your body. During a 3-minute cryo spa therapy, you can burn around 500-800 calories. When your skin is cooled to about 35 degrees F, it needs lots of energy to reheat the skin to regular body temperature.


  • Happiness Boost – Instead of reaching out for antidepressants, many people opt for cryotherapy. The reason behind it is that the process releases endorphins into your bloodstream, and you will feel your mood increasing after a session. What happens is that the endorphins will interact with pain receptors and reduce pain perception. As a result, cortisol levels are reduced, making you feel good.


  • Decreases Inflammation – Cryotherapy reduces inflammation throughout your body so that healing may occur in different areas at a time. Also, it stimulates the vagus nerve, hence reducing fatigue and anxiety.


  • Boosts Collagen – Cryotherapy can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase your skin collagen.

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Introducing a Revolutionary Multi-purpose Healing & Regeneration Technique

One-Stop Health & Beauty Solution

Cryotherapy is an extremely versatile therapy with a range of applications in health and beauty. It is one of the most exciting technologies to be developed in recent times. One of the most important uses of Cryotherapy is that it drastically reduces the recovery and healing time after an injury or exercise. It also has great potential in the beauty world as it can completely change the current techniques used to solve a variety of problems.

The Concept

Cryotherapy enhances recovery time from sports injuries by up to 5 times as compared to traditional healing methods. It also offers faster recuperation after intense workout sessions. A whole-body treatment lasts for just 3 minutes. The ultimate objective of the treatment is to elicit the ideal physiological response of the body for faster healing from injury and recovery from fatigue.

Cryotherapy vs Ice-Bath

The concept of Cryotherapy may seem very similar to your regular ice-bath, but they are very different. Even though the core concept in both is concerned with exposing the body to very low temperatures, the techniques differ. As compared to an ice-bath, a Cryotherapy session is highly comfortable and offers many additional advantages while at the same time eliminating the major risk factors associated with an ice-bath.

Some of the major differences between Cryotherapy and Ice-Bath are as follows:

* Cryotherapy uses extremely cold air in the range of -220°C to -280°C whereas the temperature of water in an ice-bath varies from 45° C to 60°C.

* As a result of the treatment, the skin temperature varies from 32° C to 35°C in Cryotherapy and 45° C to 60°C in the traditional method.

* A Cryotherapy session gets completed in a short duration of 2 to 3 minutes while an Ice-bath may take as long as 15 to 20 minutes.

* Some of the immediate benefits of Cryotherapy include faster recovery, increased haemoglobin levels, improved blood circulation, stronger immune system, mood improvement, etc.

* Along with an overall improvement in many health parameters, Cryotherapy is a great beauty aid as it improves the skin health and initiates collagen production.

* There is also no risk of hypothermia in Cryotherapy that is a risk associated with ice-baths. Ice-baths can induce irregular heartbeat which can cause a heart attack or other heart complications.

* A rest period of 12 to 24 hours is required after an ice-bath, while you can return to your regular activities immediately after Cryotherapy.


CryoAction provides leading Cryotherapy solutions to elite sportspersons and for everyone interested in taking their health levels to the top. They provide a range of Cryotherapy chambers serving different purposes. Built-in chambers, transportable chambers, chambers on rent, etc. have been designed by keeping in mind the various requirements of end-users. Whether it is for the dedicated sportsperson to be used regularly or required temporarily to recover from injuries, every need can be met with these customisable and flexible chambers.


Cryotherapy shows a lot of promise, and it should be of great interest to people who are serious in pursuing competitive sports. It has also become invaluable to the beauty industry as it provides a holistic and healthy approach to solving many beauty issues. It helps in eliminating cellulite, boosts collagen production, tightens the skin, diminishes wrinkles, prevents blackheads and also improves skin elasticity and tone. It also helps in faster healing after cosmetic surgeries. Cryofacials can give a youthful appearance to the skin and promote thicker hair growth. Since Cryotherapy increases metabolic rate, it also aids in weight loss and detoxification.

You can find further information from CryoAction here, comparing cryotherapy & icebaths.

After winning their crucial World Cup qualifier against Austria on Saturday night, it might have been thought the Wales players would go out in Cardiff to celebrate, or maybe have a few drinks at the team hotel.
However, the post-game routine instead saw the players undergo sub-zero temperatures in order to quicken their recovery.
Stars including Gareth Bale, Joe Ledley and debut goal hero Ben Woodburn all entered a cryotherapy chamber, wearing protective gloves and masks.

Cryotherapy involves the use of very low temperatures in bodily recovery, with the cold believed to help with muscle tears and soreness, relieving pains, sprains and swellings – the standard ailments after 90 minutes of football.
Often in football this is seen in the physio room staple which is the ice bath, but the Welsh FA had something more high-tech planned for their players.
The stars instead stripped down to their shorts and boxers to enter ice chambers so cold they needed to wear protection on their faces and hands, along with woolly hats.

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CryoAction, the leading supplier of cryotherapy chambers to elite sports has launched a rental fleet of its transportable cryotherapy chambers. The chambers will be delivered to a client’s site and are configured to deliver whole body cryotherapy to up to 4 persons in any single treatment.

CryoAction director Ian Saunders explains “We are responding to the demand from a number of potential clients who need a quick recovery solution that can be deployed and deliver cryotherapy to an entire squad of players in the quickest possible time and with minimal disruption. With our range of rental options, we can meet a short term need for cryotherapy that offers the flexibility of an on-demand service which is permanently on-site throughout the rental period, allowing treatments as and when required, rather than subject to the supplier’s availability as with other rental solutions.”

“In the exciting run to the end of the football season, a number of clubs have engaged with us to provide cryotherapy to help keep their players fresh and performing at their best.” Ian added,”With the massive gains from achieving promotion to the huge pitfalls from relegation, the clubs see cryotherapy a small price to pay for what could be a large marginal gain.”

CryoAction Rental Cryotherapy ChamberCryoAction’s co-founder David Morris added, “The new CryoAction rental units are already proving popular with tournament and other event organisers who want to extend the range of options and facilities available to participating athletes. We also have considerable interest from clubs seeking to help their players prepare for the next season at training camps.”

The 6 metre whole body cryotherapy unit offers an attractive changing area, a state of the art, fully computerised 2-stage cryotherapy chamber and all the equipment necessary to deliver treatments such as specialist footwear, clothing, gloves & hats. A large liquid nitrogen vessel is also included to fuel the unit in collaboration with our partners, BOC.

Comprehensive training on the operation of the unit is offered to our client’s medical staff with CryoAction unique online support assistance available throughout the rental period.

The CryoAction rental cryotherapy chambers are subject to a minimum rental period of two weeks and customers going forward to purchase their own unit, receive 50% of their rental fees refunded against the purchase price.





CryoAction, the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy chambers to elite sports, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award. The Sports Technology Awards have nominated the company for its rapid growth in supplying a wide range of clients such as Premier League football clubs, Premiership rugby teams and leading sporting organisation across many other sporting disciplines.

” We are very honoured to have been nominated for the Sports Technology Awards,” said CryoAction co-founder Ian Saunders. “It is a recognition of the amazing work of our team and the support of our fantastic clients.”

CryoAction were nominated in the category of  Outstanding Startup and will be up against companies such as Cogran Sports, Football Whispers, ForceDecks, InCrowd & Sports Performance Tracking. The difficult job of judging the entries falls to a glittering array of elite past athletes, coaches and media personalities,  including among others Ben Ryan (Fiji Olympic Gold Medal winning 7s coach), Baroness Tammi Grey-Thompson DBE, DL (Former Paralympic and World Champion Wheelchair Racer and Member of the House of Lords) & Gareth Southgate (England Manager and Former England Football International).

The Sports Technology Awards take place on May 4th and will be held at The Roundhouse, Camden, London.



Saracens Rugby Club, the current holders of the Premiership and European Champions Cup, have delivered an early Christmas present to their players in the form of a CryoAction transportable cryotherapy chamber. The unit was installed at the club’s training ground, in time for the Christmas Eve fixture with Newcastle Falcons.

The chamber is the largest installed by CryoAction, the leaders in supplying cryotherapy chambers to elite sports, and is capable of delivering treatments to 5-6 players. The cryotherapy chamber offers an extreme cold modality, with the players experiencing temperatures as low as -160°C for a period of 3 minutes. The treatment enables Saracens’ players to quickly recover from the fatigue and intensity of the modern game of rugby as well as helping them to resist injuries and boosting their ability resist infections and increase the quality of sleep.

CryoAction’s team worked closely with Saracens’ operations and medical teams to ensure the transfer of best practice from the company’s other installation at clients such as Premier League champions, Leicester City, Everton Football Club and others. The integration of cryotherapy into Saracens’ match preparation and recovery protocols will be the subject of co-operation between the staff and CryoAction personnel.

CryoAction director, David Morris, commented, “We are delighted to welcome Saracens to our growing list of elite sports clients. To have the current Premiership and European Champions Cup holders, integrating a CryoAction unit is a tremendous validation of our position as the leading provider of cryotherapy and is testimony to the work that we have done to develop the leading technology supported by leading partnerships with the experts in the sector”.

CryoAction worked in conjunction with their partners, BOC, to facilitate the deployment. In collaborating, the companies ensured that Saracens will enjoy the advantage of leading technology and services, underpinned by support services and total compliance with safety standards.

For more information about CryoAction please visit to learn more about their bespoke fixed units for integration into existing facilities as well as transportable or mobile solutions. Purchase costs start from £500 a week, with other units available for short term or long term rental.

The sad death of a Las Vegas spa manager in a cryotherapy chamber has led to a number of headlines questioning the safety of cryotherapy in general. As the leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports, CryoAction places the highest importance to the safety of its clients and wishes to add its views to the current debate.


The equipment used in the spa in question is referred to as a ‘cryosauna’. It is important to note that these single person cabinets are fundamentally different to the chambers marketed and sold by CryoAction. The design of the equipment is substantially different, with whole body cryotherapy chambers treating up to 6 people at a time in a specifically designed room. Cryosaunas are a single user, partial body cryotherapy unit, requiring the user to elevate their head above the potential noxious gases from the liquid nitrogen that is  injected directly into the cabinet. This not only has the potential to place cryosauna users in direct contact with the harmful gases but also the droplets of liquid nitrogen itself that carries a risk of frostbite.  It is due to these serious safety flaws that led CryoAction to not supply such products, an important safety decision mirrored by the two leading provider of liquid nitrogen gas in UK, banning the sale of gas to suppliers of cryosaunas.


Whole Body Cryotherapy chambers, as sold by CryoAction, use a heat exchanger as a key element of the functionality of the chamber. This external device cools the air inside the chamber and in contract to a cryosauna, prevents harmful liquid nitrogen gases from being injected into the chamber. CryoAction chambers have the highest levels of EC certification for medical uses and are subject to regular inspection and maintenance.


CryoAction chambers are operated by a trained practitioner, whose function is to ensure that chamber users are specifically briefed and monitored throughout the entire treatment. The treatment will only operate for a given period of time at the end of which the system will shut down. The equipment cannot be used without an operator being present, and the design ensures that during any point of the treatment and for any reason, the users can leave the chamber by the two exit doors built into the structure.


Our chambers incorporate a range of safety features such as a number of oxygen sensors, designed to detect any form of oxygen depletion. Should such an incident occur, alarms will sound, directing users to evacuate the chamber and the chamber will automatically shut down.


The death of anyone in cryotherapy equipment is a cause for concern. While the circumstances and causes of this sad event are unknown at this time, CryoAction would echo calls for safety inspections of cryosauna equipment and certification of operators. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased.