Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment

Cryotherapy is increasingly becoming a thriving industry throughout Europe due to the efficacy of the treatment for medical uses and also for aesthetic purposes in the beauty sector. The therapy has been in use for some time with athletes and those who undertake sporting activities due to the reported benefits and significantly reduced healing times. Continue reading “Cryochambers Market Growth Forecast”

Buying Cryotherapy Machines

In the past ice packs and baths were used to relieve pains and aches after strenuous exercise or as a way of treating chronic pain amongst people suffering from multiple sclerosis, but the possibility of getting whole body cryotherapy by using a cryotherapy chamber for only a couple of minutes opened new vistas. Continue reading “Buying Cryotherapy Machines”

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely cold temperatures for medicinal purposes. It can be used for treatment or prevention of diseases and also as a way of pain management for sporting injuries. It can treat a variety of muscle and tissue pain or relieve sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage. Continue reading “Cryochambers Market Growth in Europe”

Young athletes are more prone to sports injuries than adults. This is because their bodies have slow reaction times and the fact that they are going through growth spurts. Most of these injuries are caused by repetitive use of specific muscles, wearing ill-fitting sports gear or applying the wrong technique when playing sports. The fractures cause temporary acute pain, but in some cases, they can develop into chronic pain that lasts three or more months. This post examines the most common sprains young athletes experience. Continue reading “Common Sprains of Young Athletes”

So you finally decided to purchase a Cryotherapy machine? Well, that is a great decision to make because cryotherapy is quickly gaining popularity in the fitness industry because of its numerous benefits. Cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation, anxiety and treat migraines. It can also prevent and treat different types of cancer. Therefore, you are certainly going to make profits by owning a cryotherapy machine!

Features to Look for in a Cryotherapy Machine

cryotherapy machineThere are many cryotherapy chambers currently in the market yet not all of them can meet the cryotherapy needs of your customers effectively as a gym owner.


Look for a cryotherapy chamber that provides optimal protection to the client. The chamber should contain biometrics, thermal imaging and other procedural safety measures to ensure the client is safe. This will help you minimise liabilities.

Fits Every Person

Your cryotherapy equipment should be able to accommodate any adult, no matter their size. This ensures that the big-bodied also fit into the chamber just as the medium-sized and the lean fit.

Easy to Operate

You should buy cryotherapy equipment that applies technology to manage all the client’s and chamber data and comes up with practical solutions without you necessarily overseeing the process. This allows you to focus on building your brand and customer base.

Chamber Efficiency

A great cryotherapy chamber uses less nitrogen per session and uses a limited amount of power to produce the most effective fitness or health goals to your client. Less nitrogen and less power per session mean lesser costs incurred.

Types of cryotherapy chambers offered by CryoAction Company

CryoAction is a company that specialises in the supply of whole body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports. Due to our drive for customer satisfaction, we have quickly become the provider of choice to medical teams and physiotherapists.

Fixed Cryotherapy Chambers

This type of whole-body cryotherapy equipment is designed to be permanently installed in an existing building such as a gym, hotel or spa. Fixed cryotherapy chambers enable maximum utilisation of space and are the most economical in the market.

Transportable Cryotherapy Chambers

It offers the same services as the fixed cryotherapy chamber except that it is installed semi-permanently into an existing building.

Rental Cryotherapy Chambers

These are transportable cryotherapy chambers that CryoAction offers to chiropractors, athletes and tournament organisers for medium and long-term rentals.

Benefits of Hiring and Buying Cryotherapy Chambers from CryoAction

High-quality machines

Our machines are made by reputable manufacturers who value their customers at heart. You will get access to cryotherapy equipment that is in good condition for cryotherapy.

Flexible payment

If you want to rent our cryotherapy for an extended period, then we will agree on how to pay fees for the chamber.


We will provide the necessary services to ensure the proper functioning of the cryotherapy chambers we rent to you.