Everton Football Club have, this week, become the latest Premiership club to install a whole body cryotherapy chamber at their Finch Farm training ground, supplied by the leaders in the cryotherapy sector – CryoAction.

Following in the path of current Premier League champions Leicester City, Watford FC and AFC Bournemouth to name a few, Everton’s cryochamber has been installed within a purpose built CryoAction transportable unit. This large 7 metre facility allows up to 4 players at a time to use the cryotherapy recovery modality, whilst being cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C during an average 3 minute treatment.

David Morris, Director of CryoAction said, “We are delighted to welcome Everton FC as our latest client. With a club so rich in history, it is wonderful to see new technologies, such as ours, being readily adopted by the medical staff and players. A number of the players have used cryotherapy while on training camps or international duty, but for a club to invest in the technology used by so many nowadays, it is a real statement of intent and a commitment to the well-being of the players.”

CryoAction continues to show its dominance in supply of cryotherapy technology, with increased delivery of units from their manufacturing base in Poland to both rugby and football clubs before the busy Christmas period, in order to meet a growing demand which, at times, is proving difficult given the increasing recent popularity of the cryotherapy treatments.

Competitive advantage

David Morris continues, “Given the rise in popularity, naturally we have seen start-up companies emerge and attempt to sell into the elite market. Thankfully for CryoAction, many clubs have realised that all too often, the desperate ‘too good to believe’ offers are just that. CryoAction’s superior technology and full service proposition includes the likes of partnerships with gas giant BOC, ; safety, medical certification, training, service and support etc. This is taken into account when selecting CryoAction as the cryotherapy supplier of choice.

“Our latest installation at Everton is an example of working in conjunction with the club to ensure that not only do we offer the leading technology in the market but also that it incorporates the club’s branding. We take great care with the aesthetic appearance of our units, both externally and internally. This helps to ensure the adoption of our treatment in a unit that is attractive on the eye.

For more information

For more information about CryoAction please visit www.cryoaction.com to learn more about their bespoke fixed units for integration into existing facilities as well as transportable or mobile solutions. Purchase costs start from £500 a week, with other units available for short term or long term rental.

CryoAction, the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy solutions, is partnering with Football Medical Association. The association represents & promotes all medical & science personnel in professional league football.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is in use across professional football in English Premier League & Championship, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 & US Major League Soccer. CryoAction is supplying its units to these clubs, offering a range of solutions including fixed and mobile solutions, including rental units. The whole body cryotherapy solutions provided by the company enable rapid recovery for players suffering from fatigue and soft tissue injuries as well as helping players to meet the growing intensity of the game.

CryoAction co-founder and director, Ian Saunders said, ”We are excited to announce our partnership with Football Medical Association. We recognise the tremendous impact that medical and science personnel have on the modern game of football. Partnering with the Football Medical Association allows us to listen to this community and to adapt our solutions to meet their specific needs as well as to collaborate with association members to further the development of cryotherapy in professional football. We look forward to working with the association and its members in the future.”

Commenting on the partnership, Eamonn Salmon, Chief Executive of Football Medical Association, said, ” We are delighted to announce a partnership with CryoAction who have taken the concept of cryotherapy to new levels of application.  We very much look forward to developing our partnership and working with them over the coming seasons.”

CryoAction participated in the Football Medical Association conference 2016  held on 21 – 22 May 2016.