Just 20 session of whole-body cryotherapy can improve the symptoms of MS

A recently published scientific research article1 has highlighted the benefits of the use of whole-body cryotherapy for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A disease of the central nervous system, MS is an auto-immune disease, where the immune system, instead of attacking a virus or infection, starts to attach the new cells, in particular the protective layer of fatty protein covering the nervous system cells.

Whole Body Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to temperatures as low as -130°C for a  period of up to 3 minutes. The therapy is delivered in a specially designed cryogenic chamber where the air is supercooled. Users stand or sit in an adapted chair in the chamber under the guidance of a trained operator. The whole body cryotherapy sessions can be taken at regular intervals over a period of weeks.

The conclusions are the study identified that a series of 20 Whole Body CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamberCryotherapy sessions improve the functional state and reduces fatigue in patients with MS, which may be due to adaptive changes in bioelectrical muscle activity.

The research study group was 114 MS patients of which 74 received a series of 20 sessions of whole body cryotherapy. The study was conducted by experts from 

  • Department of Functional Diagnostics and Physical Medicine, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Szczecin,
  • Poland College of Engineering and Health in Warsaw, Faculty of Health Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Cardiological Rehabilitation, Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

This research complements other similar scientific research that demonstrated the effect of 50 whole body cryotherapy sessions in MS patients that highlighted: improvement of functional status, reduction of depressive symptoms and pain, reduction of the degree of disability and felt fatigue and increase uric acid concentration in plasma.

CryoAction Chief Executive Officer, Ian Saunders commented “With an estimated 130,000 sufferers of multiple sclerosis in the United Kingdom, this research will be welcome news to those afflicted with this terrible disease. We know from current MS patients who are users of the growing number of CryoAction cryotherapy chambers installed in the UK, just how much they are benefitting from access to our chambers, and now we have the scientific research to back up the anecdotal information.”

Case study: See how the -135-degree treatment is putting the brakes on ex-superbike racer’s multiple sclerosis

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Whole-body cryotherapy technology has turned dramatically improved Dorset man’s mobility

ms case studyAn ex-British Superbike racer is using new state-of-the-art recovery treatment to manage his multiple sclerosis (MS), leaving him pain-free and able to enjoy life after racing.

Alister Bailey, 37, from Poole in Dorset has credited a super-cold therapy, from CryoAction, to help easily manage his MS, allowing him to work again following his retirement from motorcycle racing.

CryoLabs use the same CryoAction professional, clinical quality chambers as those used by the Premier League Football teams and the England and Wales Rugby Federations.

Alister, who previously raced for Virgin Yamaha in the British Superbike Championships for more than seven years, was diagnosed with MS after his racing career retirement. He was left bedridden, temporarily blind and unable to move 10 years ago when the MS first developed.

Since his MS diagnosis, Alister has struggled with mobility, fatigue and even cognitive function as the lifelong condition affects his brain and spinal cord function. However, after searching the internet for solutions to ease his pain, Alister found an advanced treatment available on his doorstep, which is used by professional athletes to improve performance and aid recovery.

CryoLabs, in Dorset, operates CryoAction’s professional, clinical and quality chambers, which involve exposing the body to temperatures of -135 degrees for three and a half minute sessions. The advanced, whole-body, cryotherapy treatment means that Alister is able to keep mobile, has gained better clarity of thought, and can carry on his day as normal.

After hanging up his helmet at 23 years old, Alister now works for a construction company, and is able to work without hindrance. He is often ache and pain-free following the cryotherapy treatment, which otherwise leaves him fatigued and unable to sleep.

Alister says the advanced treatment has changed his life, helping to turn a bad MS day into a good one.

Alister said: “Since discovering CryoLabs’s cryotherapy treatment, eight months ago, my life has genuinely changed. I have gained control of my condition for the first time, and can lift my mood and mobility by having a short session of treatment. I try to use the chamber every day and anticipate my afternoon fatigue by having the treatment around mid-morning.”

CryoAction chambers provide a superior quality of ultra-cold treatment which reduces pain and inflammation by dulling the nerves and restricting blood flow to certain parts of the body.

The six metre whole body cryotherapy unit has a dual chamber design, which allows the main chamber to retain its extreme level of cold efficiently. The hi-tech, fully computerised, two-stage cryotherapy chamber is located at CryoLabs, Poole, Dorset, with other facilities planned to open in Glasgow and Greater London in 2020.

Ian Saunders, CEO, of CryoAction, said: “It’s great to see our cutting-edge technology being used beyond state-of-the-art sports training facilities to improve the lives of everyday people. Our aim now is to increase the number of CryoAction chambers available for public use across the UK, so we can provide even greater amounts of recovery and respite to those in need, regardless of their age or condition.”

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