Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment

Cryotherapy is increasingly becoming a thriving industry throughout Europe due to the efficacy of the treatment for medical uses and also for aesthetic purposes in the beauty sector. The therapy has been in use for some time with athletes and those who undertake sporting activities due to the reported benefits and significantly reduced healing times. Continue reading “Cryochambers Market Growth Forecast”

Cryotherapy or cold therapy dates back to the Ancient Greeks. Do you remember your younger years when your bruises would be covered with a pack of peas? Yes, that’s Cryotherapy on a small scale. Since then Cryotherapy has come a long way.

Cryotherapy in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is not left out in the lurch with this new trend. Many celebrities and those on the catwalk are turning to Cryotherapy for their latest anti-ageing hit. Many say it boosts collagen and tightens the skin whilst diminishing cellulite. Though there isn’t much data to back it up, there is enough evidence from users to say that it is working.

Cryotherapy for the beauty industry

Cryotherapy can reduce fine lines, beat blackheads, oxygenate the skin, giving a youthful appearance – all within three to four minutes in the freezing chamber. The freezing cold temperatures shock the body promoting the growth of new collagen which increases the tone and elasticity of the skin. This is what makes for the youthful appearance.

Cryofacials where a cold beam of pressurized nitrogen is directed on the face, neck and scalp for a couple of minutes to revive collagen has been really popular. Five sessions are all that is needed. A-listers swear thicker hair and tighter and toned skin after just 5 sessions.

Plastic surgeons are also sending post-op patients for Cryotherapy sessions to reduce swelling and faster healing. It is known to cut recovery time by half. For instance, breast augmentation swelling and healing can be cut in half by having a Cryotherapy session post op.

Cryotherapy for Cellulite and Metabolism

Cryoshaping is what it’s called. Nitrogen is beamed onto cellulite spots to free fat cells thus getting rid of cellulite and shaping those problem areas. Standing in a Cryotherapy chamber for three to four minutes will detox your system and kick your metabolic rate and flush those fat cells too. The cold has a direct effect on the fatty tissue in our body hence causing weight loss after the treatment and starts to regulate a normal metabolic rate which slows with age. This explains why the A-listers like Jennifer Lopez has an age-defying body.

On the overall, the benefits of whole body Cryotherapy are many. It increases your metabolic rate which in turn promotes weight loss and detoxification of the body. It also promotes the production of collagen for healthier and more elastic and younger looking skin. The scalp is revitalised and hair production is increased with thicker fuller hair. Sun Spots can be removed easily with Cryotherapy as opposed to treatments prior and recovery time is n=almost negligible. For those with cellulite problems, this might be the saving grace answer as to date, there has not been a proper treatment to get rid of cellulite and Cryotherapy might just be the answer.


Whilst not a new concept it is now taking the beauty industry by storm. It is a natural way of revitalising the youth in you.

As part of a major refurbishment of their London Colney training centre and in preparation for the 2017-8 Premier League season, Arsenal FC has invested in a CryoAction integrated cryotherapy chamber for use by their players as key component of the team’s recovery and rehabilitation protocols.

The whole body cryotherapy system was designed and installed by CryoAction, the market leaders, whose existing clients include other Premier League clubs such as Everton, Leicester City, Bournemouth, Watford & Premiership new boys, Huddersfield FC.

CryoAction co-founder, Ian Saunders commented ”We were delighted to have been selected from a number of companies offering differing solutions by such a prestigious club as Arsenal FC. The club has moved forward from using an interim mobile cryotherapy solution to a fully integrated chamber which emphasises the growing importance of whole body cryotherapy as a recovery modality for Premier League teams.”

The installation was completed in the pre-season with players making full use of their new cryotherapy chamber as part of their preparation for the new Premier League season. Accommodating up to 8 players in a single session, the new unit offers treatments at temperatures as low as -160°C for durations of between 3 and 5 minutes.

The cryotherapy treatments aim to reduce the effects of fatigue resulting from the intensity of the Premier League season. In addition, offering the ability to reduce the impact of soft tissue injuries, bringing pain relief, enhancing sleep recovery and improving overall player well-being, the new cryotherapy chamber complements the advanced techniques now available to Arsenal FC players.

ARSENAL FC new cryotherapy chamber from CryoAction‘The installation at Arsenal went very smoothly and working in collaboration with our partners BOC & Thames Cryogenics, we have created one of the largest cryotherapy chambers installed in the UK.” said David Morris, CryoAction co-founder. He added,” We look forward to working with the medical and sports science teams at Arsenal FC to introduce a best practice regimen around whole body cryotherapy as a key element in their recovery protocols”.