The 5 Benefits of Using a CryoSolo Machine

Discover the 5 Benefits of Using a CryoSolo Machine

If you haven’t seen or heard about a cryotherapy machine by now, it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock! Celebrities, sports stars and fitness influencers seem to spend a lot of their time-freezing themselves in a chamber and going on about how it makes them feel. But other than making you cooler (in more ways than one), what are the benefits of using a CryoSolo machine?

1. It’s quick – in the busy, bustling world that is modern life, time is of the essence. Let’s face it, none of us wants to spend the best part of half an hour prepping ourselves for our recovery. Thankfully, a CryoSolo session lasts 3 minutes at -130°C, making it a quick, effective and cold method of recovery.

cryotherapy for athletes

2. It’s recognised by professionals – at many Premier League football clubs, the days of the ice bath are over. The likes of Arsenal, AFC Bournemouth and Watford use CryoSolo machines that have been designed by experts within the business. We all dream of being a Premier League footballer, so why not recover like one?

3. Comfortable surroundings – understandably, using a CryoSolo machine can seem pretty intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. For this reason, you’ll be glad of the clean, stylish and well-lit treatment area that the machine is located in. The surroundings will put you at ease and prepare you for the cold.

4. Effective temperature control – one of the benefits of using a CryoSolo machine is that the temperature can be controlled to ensure maximum therapeutic value. While there may be something sentimental about the Sunday league ice bath, it cannot be controlled in the same manner as a CryoSolo machine.

5. Different programmes – Cryotherapy can be effective for all levels of athlete, whether you’re a professional or just a regular gym-goer. Wherever you fall on the athlete spectrum, the CryoSolo machine will have a programme that is suitable for all user treatment levels.

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