In Video: A Look at Cryotherapy for Beginners

An absolute beginners’ guide to cryotherapy in video form

Cryotherapy chamber image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).
Space age: the first thing that hits you – before the chill in a cryotherapy chamber – is how space age it looks. For one second, you think this is a teleport instead of a revolutionary way of boosting your fitness. Image by Jacob Lund (via Shutterstock).

Imagine you are from Mars, or you have had a sheltered existence. You may be at a loss as to what cryotherapy is and how it works. You may ask yourself, “how does it work in visual form?” Or why cryotherapy may have helped David Wagner’s side to win the Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final.

Before your very eyes is a video clip which details the process in a succinct form. Anybody from primary school level upwards should be able to understand the clip as there is no jargon whatsoever. The clip is of American origin but the language is easy enough for the average person in the street to understand. This is courtesy of Groupon.

5 Things to Know About Cryotherapy

People Experience -220°F (-140°C) For The First Time

Here’s a bonus clip for you, courtesy of Buzzfeed (those nice people who churn out articles on The Ten Best Cat Breeds and so forth). As well as the cryo chambers which look like something from Star Trek (or the superloos you see in town centres), this features the whole body chambers. Like the ones we offer to successful sporting outfits.

Ice Baths versus Cryotherapy

For our final clip, we look at the differences between cryotherapy and taking an ice bath. From our first clip, it said that two minutes in the cryo chamber was equal to 45 minutes in an ice bath. This cyclist recalls his experience with the two treatment options. He seems to favour our raison d’etre over the ice bath.

CryoAction, 24 July 2017.