Cryotherapy has much to offer as part of a beauty regimen and the benefits are being realised by many, including top celebrities across the world. Among these benefits are the following:


Cryotherapy when applied to the face has the ability to increase the circulation to the area which encourages the cells to reinvigorate the skin. The treatment encourages the blood to distribute oxygen and enzymes to your skin cells, providing a welcome boost to the production of collagen and leaving a youthful glow.

The process removes overall puffiness and create better definition around the jawline and cheekbones. Removing inflammation has the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores and reduce redness.


The application of cooled air through cryotherapy helps your hair to look good by sealing the cuticles. Cuticles that are sealed lay flat on the hair and as such give an appearance of smoothness, meaning that they are then able to reflect light, giving the hair a shiny appearance.

Weight loss

The low temperatures experienced during a cryotherapy treatment drives the body to respond by increasing the metabolism to heat up the body. The process, called cold thermogenesis, can lead to enhance the body’s metabolism by up to 350%.

In addition, the temperatures experienced in a cryochamber, stimulate the production of brown fat, or ‘good fat’. This brown fat generates heat to retain warmth and unlike ‘bad fat’ does not burn may calories. It is often found in lean people.


The application of cryotherapy has a positive effect on the build up of cellulite and the stimulation of the body to break down stubborn fat areas. The treatment’s application encourages the flushing of waste products and the rejuvenation of the area with enriched blood and other enzymes flooding the body. Adding in the increase in the metabolic rate and the body continues to reduce the presence of fatty tissue, long after the 3 minute treatment is over.


A cryotherapy treatment offers both physical and mental benefits from the flushing of toxins from the body and the replacement with oxygenated blood, enriched with nutrients and enzymes. The impact of this detoxification process is felt in a smoother youthful skin, reduces signs of fatigue, brighter eyes and shiny hair.


Cryotherapy cannot cure arthritis, however, research and anecdotal evidence from our client base strongly suggest that it eases the pain as well as the inflammation associated with this debilitating condition. Whole body cryotherapy is a treatment that can assist in achieving a respite from pain for a number of days following a cryotherapy session.


Psoriasis is a currently incurable condition, often treated by a wide range of ointments and medicines to reduce both the look and the horrible side effects the condition brings such as itching. Cryotherapy is recommended to ease the discomfort, with patients reporting a significant change to their conditions and a reduction in the visible symptoms, after only a few sessions.