What Is Chronic Inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is debilitating, long-term pain. Sufferers of conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis endure varying degrees of discomfort on a daily basis.

cryotherapy The causes of chronic inflammation are often obscure although food allergies, environmental factors and stress are believed to contribute. The constant pain is typically caused through an imbalance in the immune system which prompts it to attack the body’s tissues rather than protecting them.

Reducing Inflammation

Cryotherapy is an effective anti-inflammatory treatment. It’s based on the traditional remedy used for the temporary, acute inflammation of sprains which involves placing an ice pack on an injury to the muscles or joints. When the body is subjected to a temperature of -110°C for just a few minutes the hormone norepinephrine is released and instantly begins to reduce deep-seated inflammation. The number of white blood cells drastically increases to protect tissues from the inflammation and filter toxins from the bloodstream. Even minor injuries such as sprains are healed more quickly as bodily strength increases.


Cold spa treatments have frequently relied on plunge pools of icy water. Therapy in a purpose-built chamber provides accurate temperature control and is flexible and convenient. There are no restrictions regarding when it can be used as it’s safe even after eating a meal. Wearing the least amount of clothing possible users then protect their hands, ears and feet with warm accessories. A mask is recommended to reduce the shock of inhaling the cold air. In larger units, the therapy begins in a small chamber with a mid-range temperature of -60°C. After approximately twenty seconds the main chamber is entered where the temperature is maintained at -110°C. The therapy lasts no longer than three minutes. Safety measures include being in visual and audio contact with staff throughout the treatment.


Adapting a building to include a permanent chamber is expensive. Renting a cryotherapy unit is a cost-effective way to offer cold therapy treatments at your spa, health centre or sports facility. CryoAction has a range of treatment chambers available at economic, affordable rental rates. Each independent unit features a changing room and electrically-powered treatment chambers. Cryotherapy has many health benefits but its effectiveness in reducing the constant pain of chronic inflammation without the use of chemical medication is one of the most welcome. To find out more about the range of cryotherapy chambers available from CryoAction, please call us on 0800 014 8058 or send an enquiry to info@cryoaction.com.