Who Uses Cryotherapy?

What Type of People Use Cryotherapy

What Are the Key Benefits of Cryotherapy?

The healing properties of cold temperatures for injuries have been known for thousands of years. Sportspeople and athletes, in particular, have been using ice packs and cold treatments for a long time to aid recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy applies the same healing factor and therapy to the entire body at once. This is preferable for both the client and therapist rather than individual ice packs applied to a targeted area as the whole body treatment takes considerably less time and is far less uncomfortable for those undergoing the treatment. It is also a completely non-invasive therapy.

Whole Body Cryotherapy reduces healing time from strain or injury, can easily be carried out in the busiest schedules as a treatment only takes approximately 3 minutes, reduces the recovery time from muscle tiredness after training promoting energy levels and encourages the production of mood-lifting endorphins.

Who Uses Cryotherapy

Who Uses Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is being used as an effective treatment for many influencing factors by an increasing number and diverse selection of people. Sportspeople and athletes use Cryotherapy to recover from both injury and training schedules quickly and effectively. Not just professionals are using this form of treatment either. Those who exercise regularly to become fit or to stay fit benefit from Cryotherapy along with people whose exercise routines are more casual. Those who only exercise at the weekend can also benefit. Cryotherapy is also being used in some cases to treat Mental Health conditions like depression due to its mood-boosting effects. Many prefer this style of non-chemical treatment.

Celebrities are also using this treatment more and more as a whole-body holistic health-boosting option for their beauty and fitness regimes. Many celebrities prefer this type of treatment as it is a natural therapy.

Mental Health and Cryotherapy

Increasingly, many Mental Health sufferers are looking for natural ways to enhance their mental wellbeing. Whole Body Cryotherapy does just that, providing an organic way to boost endorphins and lift their dark moods. Taking only around 3 minutes per session, just one treatment of Cryotherapy can make a big difference. This reduces the number of unwelcome side-effects that other treatments can produce.

Who Does CryoAction Help?

CryoAction supplies Cryotherapy Chambers to many organisations. Sportspeople and athletes benefit from the provision of their chambers. They provide Cryotherapy Chambers to Arsenal, Leicester, Watford and Huddersfield Town football clubs among others. They also supply the Welsh National football team.