Whole Body Cryotherapy in the Rugby World Cup

Whole Body Cryotherapy has become a major component in the training programmes of many of the participants in the Rugby World Cup 2015, starting today in UK.
From being a ‘secret weapon” used by the Welsh rugby team in 2011 tournament, the adoption of Whole Body Cryotherapy has, this year, seen a number of teams competing for access to chambers in the UK and in overseas training facilities.The Italian team has been photographed, in a chamber, as part of their preparation. CryoAction director, Ian Saunders commented, “We have received a large number of enquiries for whole body cryotherapy units from countries competing in the Rugby World Cup 2015. Sadly all units were booked out some time ago and there are simply not enough units to meet the demand which has far exceeded our projections”.
The reasoning behind this adoption is simple to work out. The extreme cold of a Whole body Cryotherapy chamber, with temperatures reaching as low as -160°C, enables the body to increase the recovery rate from fatigue by up to 5 times traditional methods. The body undergoes a reaction to the cold that reduces the pain of fatigue and sends the tired blood from the arms and legs back to the body’s core, in order to preserve the central temperature. Once the players leave the chamber, fresh re-oxygenated blood, rich with enzymes, rushes back into the extremities, bringing with it a pleasant “hit” of endorphins.
A further benefit from the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is that the body also has an accelerated recovery from soft tissue injuries, inevitable from the “big hit” and physical rugby of the modern game. Bruising and swelling is substantially reduced as well as recovery from other types of aggravating injuries, as Welsh captain’s Sam Warburton’s rapid return to Six Nations competition in 2012 testifies.
Whole Body Cryotherapy has a big part to play over the course of the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see if the countries using the equipment are those to win out in the end.

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