Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments for Dogs

How dogs can benefit from the whole body cryotherapy treatment, like their owners

Whole Body Cryotherapy for Dogs image by Tigerkapom (via Shutterstock).
Life in the old dog: cryotherapy can be used to cure canine eye disorders. Image by Tigerkapom (via Shutterstock).

As documented on our website, we have seen how cryotherapy treatments have benefited sports personalities. In addition to the treating the Uniteds, the Citys, the Albions and the Rovers of this world, Rover’s turn to benefit has come. Recently, whole body cryotherapy has been adopted by veterinary surgeries with dogs and cats benefiting.

In the animal world, whole body cryotherapy is used to treat distichiasis, periocular tumours and glaucoma. The Animal Health Trust centre in Newmarket, Suffolk, is one place where cryotherapy techniques are used to treat small animals. Part of a veterinary charity, they treat our furry or feathered friends from across the UK.

With dogs and cats, whole body cryotherapy is used to treat advanced glaucoma on a painful eye. This is detailed in an article in the Long Beach Post. Surprisingly, in spite of the freezing temperatures, it is more comfortable for our furry friends than the scalpel. It is also good for removing unwanted tissue, cysts, skin tags, or cancers.

Not only whole body treatment

Cryotherapy treatments can also be administered by means of a wand. As demonstrated in this video clip, the vet sprays the liquid nitrogen onto the skin tag.

Furthermore, there is no need for sedation. Using traditional methods with or without sedation could put your dog in distress. Within a matter of weeks, the skin tag or wart disappears. After three weeks, the only trace of its scar is a hairless spot. Cue one happy dog.

CryoAction, 25 April 2017.