Why Cryotherapy Is Cool For You

Subjecting the whole body to temperatures of -110°c and below helps to repair over-exerted muscles and injuries caused by trauma. Cryotherapy recovery is a non-surgical solution that works by exposing damaged and tired muscle to the extreme cold. The cold reduces pain and inflammation and enhances the circulation of blood. As enriched blood flows to the injured area, the healing process begins and speeds up the recovery time.

What temperature does a cryotherapy chamber reach?

cryotherapy recoveryThe body needs to be exposed to temperatures of around -130°c c to achieve the required results. To achieve these temperatures, liquid nitrogen enters the cryotherapy chambers at approximately -160° C. Rather like an air-conditioning unit, the temperature at the source is colder than the desired temperature of the air in the room. The ideal temperature is measured at about waist-height inside the chamber to make sure the full benefit of the treatment is realised. Those receiving treatment in a cryotherapy chamber is required to enter with large areas of their skin exposed, often wearing just shorts with protection for the head and feet.

Why do athletes use cryotherapy?

Elite athletes go through a cryotherapy recovery programme because it is proven to produce excellent results. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, the sessions are very brief and the outcome is extremely positive. Along with the pain relief and speedier recovery results, cryotherapy also releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, so a user’s mood is improved. This therapy has seen a stabilising effect on mental well-being as well.

Getting access to a cryotherapy chamber

Sessions of cryotherapy need to be carried out over a period of days, and if there is a whole team of athletes to treat, having exclusive access to a chamber is a necessity. Hiring a chamber for mid to long-term use is a great solution for clubs, gyms or hotels that need to provide cryotherapy temporarily, perhaps at the end of the season or when athletes are located away from home. CryoAction have transportable cryotherapy chambers available for hire that offer a quick and simple solution. Measuring 6000mm by 2400mm these convenient chambers are two to three-person units. Hiring a chamber is also a way to try one out before committing to having a permanent unit built.