Why Whole-Body Cryotherapy is the Perfect Touchless Treatment

The demand for touch-free treatment solutions within the health, wellness,inside cryotherapy chamber sports and fitness industries has never been greater, and many, within these industries, are predicting that consumer demand for these high-tech touchless options will continue to grow during 2021 and beyond.

CryoAction’s whole-body cryotherapy chamber is the perfect touchless treatment for your existing clients, and how it’s an opportunity to attract new ones.

  1. It really is contactless!

The great thing about whole-body cryotherapy is there really is no need to come into physical contact with anyone. From the point of entering the chamber to having the therapy administered, an individual can feel safe in the knowledge that they’re getting all the physical and mental benefits they need from the treatment, whilst staff maintain a strict social distance outside.

Whole-body cryotherapy is an easy way to offer a high standard of treatment, with the added benefit of being covid compliant.

  1. In and out – there’s no need to wait around.

Because the treatment only takes three minutes, there is no need to wait around or be in any type of contact with other people for long periods of time. An individual can literally be in and out in no time. Disclaimers can be completed online or printed out at home and handed in just before starting the treatment, reducing time spent at the facility. Clients can even wear the clothes they want to wear, inside the chamber, underneath their everyday clothes, allowing them to simply remove their outerwear before entering the chamber and just popping it back on once the treatment is completed, further reducing the time spent at the facility.

  1. It’s easy to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Although our clients already maintain a high standard of cleanliness, we’re well aware that there is an expectation that any treatment offering has to have additional cleaning procedures in place. What’s great about CryoAction’s chambers is they’re super easy to clean, take little time and clients can feel assured that a high standard is being met. Other reassuring features include the fact that everyone who enters the chamber wears a mask (and not because of covid!) and individuals undergoing the treatment wear gloves, so do not touch any of the inside or outside of the chamber – taking contactless to a whole different level.

  1. Its physical benefits are versatile and can be just as, or more, effective than hands-on treatments

As we all know, the pandemic has significantly reduced the availability of close contact therapies such as massage, sports therapy and facials, all of which bring their own physical and psychological benefits to the recipient. Regrettably, the withdrawal of these services will have led to many sufferers of pre-existing medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia, being unable to gain their normal levels of relief, and those suffering the effects of physical exertion will have had limited access to therapy for injuries.

People may now be eager to seek out alternatives to close contact therapies and whole body cryotherapy is the ideal solution. Its versatility means that it can offer help with a wide range of problems, from skin conditions to the management of pain relief and the reduction of muscle injury from workouts. What’s more, in some instances, whole body cryotherapy can often be more effective than close contact therapy.

  1. It offers a feel-good factor

A lot of people’s mental health has been hit hard by the pandemic. Whole body cryotherapy can help the symptoms of anxiety and depression by releasing a rush of endorphins, creating a euphoric experience. Just 3 minutes in a cryochamber could help the everyday stresses to feel just a bit more



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