“The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy unit has become an integral part of the recovery and preparation culture here at Leicester City Football Club.”

Dave Rennie

Head Physiotherapist

Leicester City Football Club

“We’ve used cryotherapy to great effect, immediately realising the benefits it brought to the players by increased speed of recovery from fatigue after games as well as quicker recovery from player tissue damage. By having our own cryotherapy system, CryoAction provides us with a piece of technology allowing us to get our first team training together as a squad”

Ben Dixon

Sports Scientist

Watford Football Club

“CryoAction have delivered far more than we could have ever imagined. The meetings that took place prior to buying were highly informative and transparent in terms of costs and expectations, the quality of the installation was superb, and the after care service is fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending CryoAction to any club!”

Steve Hard


AFC Bournemouth

“In preparation for the Rio Olympic Games, we forged an excellent relationship with CryoAction to enhance our use of cryotherapy as part of our recovery processes. I believed that the use of cryotherapy would give us a very specific mode of recovery, within a very specific preparation period, immediately prior to a planned taper heading in to long haul travel and the olympic village environment.”

Dan Howells

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Team GB Rugby 7’s team, Rio 2016

“With rugby league accommodating such as demanding season, it is crucial at Hull FC we optimise the way our players recover. Introducing the players to CryoAction has been significantly beneficial to us. The efficiency of use combined with a positive change in recovery markers have allowed the players to buy in to the process in a positive manner.

From a medical perspective, we feel that CryoAction aids in accelerating our players recovery process, subsequently allowing them to be in optimal condition when matchday arrives. Cryoaction is now successfully incorporated into our recovery process, contributing towards gaining that competitive advantage we all seek to achieve.”

Paul Hatton

Head of Performance

Hull FC

“Without doubt, the use of cryotherapy has helped our players recover far quicker from fatigue after training or games played, allowing for a much more aggressive regime on the training ground with the coaching staff.”

Sean Connolly

Strength & conditioning coach

Football Association of Wales