Cryotherapy for Gyms & Fitness Centres

Whole-body cryotherapy has many benefits suited to gyms and fitness centres. The cutting-edge extreme cold technology enhances the body’s ability to recover quickly and naturally, helping individuals, at all levels, to achieve their fitness goals.

From a business perspective the implementation of whole body cryotherapy, as a recovery method, can assist with retention, building new clientele, and can also work as an additional revenue stream.

Installation of one of our chambers will give a facility the additional ‘wow’ factor and provide a service that differentiates you from your competitors.

sports cryotherapy

Same technology as professional athletes

No longer the preserve of the super-rich or professional athletes, looking, feeling, and performing your best is within reach for everyone. Implementing whole body cryotherapy has never been easier. 

Our advanced proprietary technology and whole-body cryotherapy in CryoAction branded cryochambers are provided in the same professional, clinical quality chambers as those used by the Premier League Football teams and the England and Wales Rugby Federations, meaning anyone who undergoes cryotherapy – from sporting elite to casual gym-goers – recovers faster.

An overview of the physical and mental benefits whole body cryotherapy can give fitness industry clients is below:

Key Fitness Benefits

Cryotherapy for injury and inflammation

Pain Relief

The application of cryotherapy slows down the activity in the nervous system, creating a numbing sensation and dampening down the pain receptors. All this without the need for over-the-counter medicines with the potential for containing banned substances.

cryotherapy helps with muscle recovery

Reduces Muscle Damage

Studies have shown that cryotherapy reduces the muscular damage caused by stressing the muscle fibres. Even a short term exposure to the cold air inside a cryotherapy chamber has been found to enhance muscle fibre repair, limiting the damage at a cellular level and providing a degree of protection from damage in the near term. A major factor in these effects results from the anti-oxidisation experience in a cryotherapy session. The net effect is a significant decrease in total serum creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) concentrations leading to a rapid recovery from muscle damage.

energy bolt

Energy Levels

Studies in cryotherapy have highlighted that repeated sessions of cryotherapy have the potential to lead to a substantial increase in the anaerobic capacity of recipients.

Heart Health

Stress Management

Cryotherapy has positive benefits for stress. Studies have shown that cryotherapy can help you to reduce oxidative stress, a primary cause of heart disease as well as enhancing your heart rate variability. Enabling you to manage stress better, feel better overall, and increase your overall wellbeing.


Reduces Inflammation

Cryotherapy is known to have a positive effect on reducing inflammation, the cold temperature slowing down the body’s metabolism at a cellular level, enabling the body to heal faster. It is widely known that excess inflammation can impede the healing process and also deters physiotherapists, massage therapists etc. from working on the affected areas. Slowing the cellular metabolism also inhibits cellular damage with the result that the need for repair is reduced.

Cryotherapy for sleep

Sleep & relaxation

The power of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. The restorative benefits of sleep are a big focus but many within the fitness industry. The increased dopamine levels resulting from a cryotherapy session have been shown to increase the depth, duration and quality of sleep that many athletes experience, with many effects on the body’s recovery and the mental well being of the athlete.


Weight loss

Cryotherapy is shown to increase fat-burning levels and raise user’s metabolic rate. The sessions may stimulate the production of brown adipose fat or “good fat”. The cold temperatures enable the brown fat to convert the white, “bad fat”. This thermogenesis process leads to a leaner body mass.

general wellbeing

General Wellbeing

The rejuvenating properties of the cold help to protect against the signs of ageing. Promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation and the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks are just some of the benefits of cryotherapy.


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