Cryotherapy For Improving Sleep

sleep cryotherapy

What You Ought to Know About Cryotherapy Treatment

This refers to the use of low temperatures in medical therapy. The procedure is known for benefits such as health, pain and sleep wellness.

cryotherapy It is a fact that we all need a good night’s sleep at the end of our daily activities. Some of these activities are not only physically but also mentally exhausting and that is the reason why quality sleep is essential. Unfortunately, some people suffer from general sleep disorders which include;

Sleep disorders

Primary sleep disorders

Some of the conditions under this category include; insomnia, parasomnias and narcolepsy. Other health-related issues are bound to occur due to sleep disorders.

Secondary Sleep disorders

A sleep disorder that is linked to a psychological condition falls under secondary sleep disorders. This is because the lack of sleep is caused by a sleep destructive condition, not a sleep disorder itself.

Establishing the type of sleep disorder that is affecting someone helps to establish the right remedy to cure it. One major way of treating sleep disorder is by cryotherapy treatment which is explained below;

Why Cryotherapy Treatment is Beneficial

Cold temperatures have been known to induce sleep. Exposure to low temperatures produces the endorphin hormones which control the sleep pattern. The hormone is produced in the brain and is also known as neurotransmitters and is distributed throughout the nervous system to work among the nerve cells.

Another hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle is the norepinephrine which plays the role of producing new neurons in the brain. The hormone is also responsible for general mood and memory. Exposure to cold water during the treatment session increases the production of norepinephrine and overall sleep pattern especially to people suffering from insomnia

How the treatment is carried out

The treatment is carried out in a chamber called a Cryo chamber that uses cold air which is blown over the skin and through which the body tries to adjust due to the low temperatures it is experiencing. The extreme cold is lowest and far from the normal temperatures we experience. The good thing is that you need a few minutes to experience the low temperatures and for your body to adjust. Exposure to the low temperatures stimulates the release of specific hormones which relieve sleep disorders and offer quality sleep.

The CryoAction has cryotherapy chambers available to our clients throughout the United Kingdom such as athletes, hotels and spas who can hire and carry out the treatments at their own convenience and derive the many benefits from them. As CryoAction, we are able to hire them and guide you as you undertake the treatment.

Other benefits of the treatment include;

Boost Mood

Boosting the mood is made possible due to the endorphin hormone that is released during the session. The hormone gives energy and boosts the general mood.

Muscle building and recovery

Muscle healing is necessary due to the healing of the inflammation and swelling of muscles that occur in our daily lives. Treatment sessions assist in body muscle healing and repair.

The treatment offers many benefits to assist in improving sleep. The treatment is painless and is a good alternative to taking drugs which can have side effects.


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