Cryotherapy for Wellness & Spas

Cryotherapy is an amazing addition for any spa or wellness facility. The extension of the facilities offers a new dimension to a spa with cold facilities offering a departure from the traditional thermal experiences.

The appetite for this newest innovation in spas is very high, with demand exceeding supply in many areas. In addition, due to the wide range of benefits of cryotherapy, the implementation often brings a new and different type of customer to the spa and increases the overall revenue opportunity.

CryoAction lead the way in providing cryotherapy technology that has been designed from the ground up, to be used by spa and wellness facilities and the spa industry has been asked to consult on its development.

Why choose cryotherapy for your spa?

Health Benefits

Cryotherapy provides an extraordinary boost to the body’s circulatory system, flushing toxins from the blood and reducing inflammation and the effects of stress. The treatment has been shown to aid suffers from diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and others.

Pain Relief

Living in constant pain has a severe impact on your quality of life. Cryotherapy reduces the impact of pain and provides a liberating feeling as the relief from symptoms enhances your sense of wellbeing.

Beauty & skin care

The rejuvenating properties of the cold help to protect against the signs of ageing. Promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation and the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks are just some of the benefits of cryotherapy.

Sleep & relaxation

The power of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. Cryotherapy literally chills you out, enabling a deeper and relaxed state of mind and helping your body to fight the negative effects of disease, stress, depression and anxiety.


The feelings of well-being are enhanced through cryotherapy. Post-treatment. users report a feeling of euphoria, with a surge of positivity and being completely refreshed, having shaken off any pre-treatment feeling of anxiety of depression. These feelings are prolonged and help users to feel better prepared to deal with stress and the complications of everyday living.

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy is shown to increase fat-burning levels and raise user’s metabolic rate. The treatment may stimulate the production of brown adipose fat or “good fat”. The cold temperatures enable the brown fat to convert the white, “bad fat”. This thermogenesis process leads to a leaner body mass.


Cryotherapy can help to counter the effects of advancing years. With its combination of pain relief, reduced oxidative stress and the flushing of toxins in the body, coupled with the positive effects on our skin, cryotherapy can keep the years at bay, inside and out.

Heart health

Cryotherapy has positive benefits for heart health. Studies have shown that cryotherapy can help you to reduce oxidative stress, a primary cause of heart disease as well as enhancing your heart rate variability. Enabling you to manage stress better, feel better overall, and increase your health and wellness.

Why choose CryoAction for your spa?

Not every spa is the same and so we can adapt your cryotherapy chamber to meet the needs of your spa. From a choice of sizes to a choice of colours, our design team can create a unique solution for your unique wellness facility.

As CryoAction manufacture our own units, we can adapt our units to suit the spa facility and have a very tight control over the components used. Our units are made to the very highest standards of quality and safety.

Unlike many companies, we service our own equipment. Our systems are remotely monitored by our team and we have a local service team in place to ensure that your needs are met and our equipment is maintained on an ongoing basis.

CryoAction is proud to be sponsors of the UK Spa Association, the trade body for spa operators and related industries. The association aims to raise awareness of:

  • The spa industry’s economic value and social value
  • The lasting health and wellbeing benefits our members provide
  • The need for standards, accreditation and professionalism within the sector
  • Quality spa education and training across all levels of operation

CryoAction is the first cryotherapy company in the association and have sought guidance from the members of the association to create our solutions for the spa and wellness sector.