The Science Behind Cryotherapy

Cold therapy, has been in existence since the early BC’s. This form of treatment was used by Napoleon’s Soldiers with the help of freezing cold streams around the year 1812.

Science of cryotherapy Cold therapy has been evolving since its first invention and today, it has been modernized and baptized cryotherapy. Cryotherapy originated in Japan and was initially meant to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. However, scientific studies have been able to prove that there are more benefits in addition to these treatments.

Whole body cryotherapy is great for most athletes because it promotes recovery after exercise and injuries, but there is more to it. The extra benefits of this treatment make it essential for athletes and other people.

How it Treats Injuries

It is the low temperatures that create the value of cryotherapy. Your body is exposed to the cold, it responds with vasoconstriction and all the blood gets pushed towards the key body organs. This makes the blood acquire more oxygen and nutritionally dense. Once you get out of the cold, your body experiences the opposite effect; it vasodilates as it warms up. During vasodilation, the blood vessels expand more than the normal size, hence supplying the body again with the more oxygenated and nutritionally dense blood. One of the major reasons for injuries is as a result of reduced blood flow to that particular area, therefore, cryotherapy helps reduce or eliminate the pain in joints or injuries through its process.

How it Improves Skin Condition

Cryotherapy helps improve the skin condition by forcing your body to generate more collagen. To achieve this process, your skin temperature in the cryotherapy chamber drops to 41 Fahrenheit, and your body responds by repairing the outer layer of your skin. This happens despite the fact that there isn`t an actual damage caused on your skin. It is just a trick to make your body produce more collagen which results in a better skin that looks more firm.

How it Helps Treat Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue

Whole body cryotherapy is a proven treatment for fatigue and insomnia because it enables the body to release melatonin and endorphins. The same response to working out, as you leave the cryotherapy chamber, these two hormones are released in large amounts. These hormones are known to aid regular, healthy sleep cycle.

Cryotherapy generally promotes an overall well being for both the common person and athletes. CryoAction offers a range of cryotherapy chambers which are great for athletes. CryoAction is a specialist provider of the whole body cryotherapy appliances to elite sports, and it serves a huge range of sporting disciplines.