Explore the sporting and fitness benefits of cryotherapy

For those looking to improve their sporting and fitness performance and give themselves a competitive advantage, Cryotherapy may be just the thing. From speedy healing to decreased levels of fatigue, this is a solution that many are increasingly realising the benefits of!

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Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment

Cryotherapy is increasingly becoming a thriving industry throughout Europe due to the efficacy of the treatment for medical uses and also for aesthetic purposes in the beauty sector. The therapy has been in use for some time with athletes and those who undertake sporting activities due to the reported benefits and significantly reduced healing times. Continue reading “Cryochambers Market Growth Forecast”

cryotherapy spas

A cryotherapy spa offers treatments that involve moisture or any other aqua form. In fact, some people associate the spas as a form of health from the water. The history of cryotherapy goes back many years when it was said to be a spiritual healing process. Most spas have incorporated the cryotherapy as the vital activity in their fitness program. The cryotherapy has been diverse to serve as a treatment, body fitness and beauty method in the spas. The cryotherapy has provided a more efficient alternative to the use of ice pack in the spas.

The Cryotherapy Spa Process

In the Spa, cryotherapy process takes an effective short period. Since the process is frostbite, the spas provide freezing experience in the freezing nitrogen-filled chambers. The cryotherapy has also become famous among most athletes for the quick recovery abilities it comes with.

People involved in sports, whether as participants, coaches or even as medical team members know that the increasing demand of today’s sport needs ever more advanced approaches to enable all the participants to compete at current levels successfully. Coaching and professional training must be accompanied by correct facilities for enabling the best recovery strategies to be implemented. When an injury takes place, the time of recovery must be minimised by using the best available techniques: that is where the cryotherapy spas come in. The spas have opened up the service in most parts of the world as demand increases. Muscle problems such as pains as well as injuries are some of the most common issues dealt with in the process for the regular clients. Cryotherapy is done at a temperature between zero up to -200 degrees.

Benefits of Cryotherapy Spas

  • They relieve most pains such as muscle pains. The said pain relieve having been characterised and studied. Research studies show that cryotherapy has been successful in controlling pains caused by arthritis problems.
  • They have been successful in promoting and playing a role in weight loss. Under cold temperatures, the body forces responsible for increasing your weight are subject to action, so they work hard to gain or maintain warmth. The process results in weight loss.
  • They are an effective controller of inflammation. Inflammation occurs due to the over-reactive action of immune systems whenever it works toward battling any infections in the blood. The swellings are related to various health problems such as dementia, diabetes and depression. In fact, research studies show that the practice can prevent dementia.
  • Efficiently minimise your chances of getting various form cancers. The medical experts at times freeze the patients during cancer treatments. The body under freezing condition will attract more oxygen, which is relevant to blood circulation.
  • Generally, under shallow temperatures, the body is likely to release various hormones such as endorphins. Endorphins are hormones responsible for better feelings in humans. The hormones get into the blood system, and they eliminate anxiety.

• The Cryotherapy practice can effectively prevent and heal various medical problems. The non-surgical or medical method is highly effective in pain control.


Cryotherapy For Sports Injuries

Whatever kind of sport you are involved in, an injury can be anything from a minor niggle to something that is potentially career ending. Whether you are an elite athlete or just someone who takes the competition seriously, any injury needs dealing with before you can return to your best. Cryotherapy for sports injuries is a proven method of treatment and many of these sports injuries are sadly all too common. From Archery to Zorbing and all sports in between, here are just a few of the knocks, sprains and strains that the cooling powers of cryotherapy can help.
Ankle Sprains
If you fall and land awkwardly or turn suddenly, then you could twist or tear the ankle ligaments. This type of soft tissue injury will cause swelling and discomfort and may take up to 48 hours to fully develop after the accident. Depending on the severity it will naturally heal over time, however, this could take as long as 3 months for a serious strain. Cryotherapy can reduce swelling and speed up the healing process, getting you back on your feet ready for the next game.
Tennis Elbow
Strenuous overuse of the forearm tendons and muscles can cause the painful problem of tennis elbow. As the name suggests, it is associated with tennis, although many activities that place repetitive stress on the elbow joint can cause it. From golf to playing the violin, the constant elbow movement can result in pain that will not only be a nuisance when you are playing sport, but it will also rear its head when holding small objects or opening jars. The process of cryotherapy can help reduce the pain and get you back out on court faster than a Federer first serve.
Knee Injury
Knee pain is often found in participants of contact sports that involve twisting and also in sports such as running that overwork the joint. Skiing, football and rugby can all cause one the most serious knee injuries, a torn anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament passes through the knee, joining the thigh bone to the shin bone. Essential for movement and stability, damage to the ACL can severely limit your mobility and, in extreme cases, may need surgery to correct it. If surgery is necessary then cryotherapy can help control inflammation and pain after the operation, reducing recovery time.
Shoulder Injury
The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint, but all this movement leaves it open to a wide range of potential problems. A torn rotator cuff is caused by damage to the soft tissue of the shoulder joint and is common in sports that use a lot of overhead movements, such as tennis and swimming. The right kind of gentle exercise can help repair the shoulder but, as with all the injuries mentioned here, cryotherapy treatment speeds up the natural healing process and restores a normal range of movement more rapidly.

The range of treatments offered by Cryoaction for these injuries give you the edge to return to training earlier and get fitter faster.

CryoAction client, Saracens, were featured in a Sky Sports News segment on their use of whole body cryotherapy and the chamber supplied by CryoAction, as part of their recovery from the rigours of European Champions Cup competition.

Fresh from an emphatic 57 points to 13 victory against Northampton Saints, the Saracens players demonstrated the use of cryotherapy as a key component of recovering from the exertions of the intensive match. and the preparations for the next round.

Saracens highlight use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports NewsSaracens, British Lions & England players Brad Barritt, George Kruis and Jamie George were on hand to deliver their solid endorsement of the 21st century cooling technology offered by CryoAction, where players are immersed into a walk in chamber where the air is cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C / 265°F. The treatment lasts only 3 minutes and the players use the cryochamber after morning training and late in the afternoon, post afternoon training.

Saracens Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ben Pollard also presented the view of the coaching staff, highlighting the importance of being able to use the cryotherapy chamber to reduce the effects of soft tissue damage post game and to help the players to recover, both physically and mentally. An important element of this recovery, according to both player and coach alike, is the enhanced sleep recovery arising from the use of cryotherapy as a modality.

The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber is one of a number of similar products installed across a number of sporting disciplines with the company supplying a wide range of leading sports teams such as Arsenal FC, Everton FC, Watford FC, AFC Bournemouth and others.

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Saracens use of CryoAction cryotherapy chamber on Sky Sports News









Fixed cryotherapy chamber
Cryotherapy treatment

Cryo means extreme cold while therapy means a treatment aimed at relieving or healing a disorder. Therefore, Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to low temperatures averaging -222F for at least three minutes to facilitate faster recovery and healing after a workout.

Exposing the body to extreme temperatures causes the skin sensors to signal the brain to send more blood the body’s core. Toxins are eliminated as the blood rushes through to the core. Blood is also enriched with more oxygen and nutrients in the process. After leaving the cryotherapy chamber, blood is forced to rush back through the body which accelerates the recovery process.

Three things happen during cryotherapy; one, there is the release of endorphins, two, there is increased production of collagen, and lastly, there is an acceleration of the metabolic rate. The simultaneous occurrence of the three processes shortens the recovery process. The endorphins also help the body in handling excess pain and inflammation. The other benefits of this type of therapy include improved skin smoothness and elasticity plus an increased amount of calories burned by the body.

Cryotherapy for Athletes and other Elite Sports

Cryotherapy has helped many athletes to get to the top of the leaderboard. The cryotherapy for elite sports helps in injury recovery and healing. For example, earlier this year, Fulham became the first elite sports club to tailor cryotherapy after learning about its effectiveness in injury recovery. Football players who underwent cryotherapy took less amount of time than expected to return to training and physical fitness. Other English Premier League teams such as Leicester City and Arsenal FC have also embraced cryotherapy.

Is Cryotherapy safe?

Every cryotherapy session administered by a trained technician is considered safe. During the treatment, the clients’ head remains outside the chamber. The hands are covered with insulated gloves while the feet are covered with booties to reduce the risk of being exposed to the extreme conditions. A single cryotherapy session can’t last for more than three minutes which allows the client to feel the benefits. The body is fully protected from exposure to the dangerous temperatures.

Cryotherapy for elite sports is widely regarded as a natural performance enhancer for athletes which help in speeding up recovery allowing faster repair of any damaged muscle tissue hence reducing the pain and giving room for more frequent training sessions. Sometimes, the process can be administered in such a way that it targets specific areas suffering from an injury. The therapy aims to reduce the pain and provide a physical therapy without any form of muscle manipulation.

Although it may vary from one individual to another, the immediate results of cryotherapy include improved recovery time, pain relief and reduced inflammation. The therapy can benefit injured athletes who want to heal faster or competitive athletes who are looking for ways of improving their performance.