Explore the sporting and fitness benefits of cryotherapy

For those looking to improve their sporting and fitness performance and give themselves a competitive advantage, Cryotherapy may be just the thing. From speedy healing to decreased levels of fatigue, this is a solution that many are increasingly realising the benefits of!

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Discover 5 Ways to Implement Cryotherapy Into Your Workout Routine

Cryotherapy treatment can be worked into a regime to effectively support the process of weight loss or as part of an effort to improve strength and fitness. In our latest blog, we explore 5 ways Cryotherapy can be added to your workout regime.

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5 Things to Expect When Going For Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is gaining ground in the fitness industry, with an increasing number of people preaching about the benefits of just one, quick treatment. However, many people simply refuse to try it out, being put off by the thought of standing in a -130°C chamber…

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Discover 5 Reasons to Add Cryotherapy to Your Fitness Regime

There are many trends that come and go in the fitness industry, but it would be fair to say that some have more staying power than others. Cryotherapy, for example, is a relatively new treatment that has boomed in popularity recently – but unlike some of its counterparts, it’s here to stay. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Add Cryotherapy to Your Fitness Regime”

Growing a Business Through Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is one of the most recent therapeutic concepts that have been introduced in the beauty and sports industry. The reason is you only need to stand in a cryotherapy chamber for three minutes to enjoy numerous health benefits like reduced inflammation, rapid calorie burn, relief for pain and treatment for migraine headaches, among others. Continue reading “How Cryotherapy Can Help Grow Your Business”

Is cryotherapy a useful accessory in toning your figure and giving you a six pack?

Cryotherapy six pack image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).
All dynamic without the tension: cryotherapy could help with toning your body. Image by Jasminko Ibrakovic (via Shutterstock).

In a previous post, we had a picture of a convenience store to illustrate our company’s recent media coverage. For many people, this is the best place to get a six pack (how much is a can compared with a pub pint these days?). But we won’t be talking about that variety. Instead, we shall be talking about the wonders of getting a six pack through cryotherapy. As for getting a beer belly, that’s out of the window straight away.

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