How To Increase Business For Your Wellness Facility

Explore our latest blog containing some great ideas for driving footfall into your wellness facility – including the implementation of Cryotherapy!

The wellness industry has always been popular, but it’s certainly grown over the years – specifically in the last decade. The Global Wellness Institute reported that the sector grew by 6.4% annually from 2015-2017 and is said to rise to £158,687 billion by 2022. Because of the industry’s growth, wellness businesses often struggle with making their numbers with all the other competition out there. As the UK’s leading providers of whole-body cryotherapy,  we’re sharing five ways to make more revenue in the wellness industry.

Sell Wellness Plans

A wellness plan can be any step-by-step guide that promotes greater health from workouts, diets, meditations and so on. You can sell these plans to customers or publish them online, and even offer specific plans that are tailored to individuals – you can even apply this to the temperature and time of a cryotherapy treatment. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and sell your expertise. By tailoring plans to your customers, you can better understand their needs and help them reach their goals. It’s a great way to connect with your market, sell your knowledge and make additional revenue at the same time.

Lease A Cryotherapy Chambercryotherapy treatment

Cryotherapy chambers work by applying extremely low temperatures inside the machine to help target fat tissues, treat skin conditions, reduce inflammation and so much more. As experienced providers of Cryotherapy chambers, CryoAction offer to lease a CryoSolo machine to eligible businesses with a revenue share. Start from only £699 pcm you will get the installation of the machine, marketing support, training, maintenance and business advice – all with no upfront fees. So, with the estimated growth of the Cryo industry, it’s a very strong option for increasing profit within your business.

Wellness Seminars

People are always willing to learn – especially about their health. By gathering people together for group seminars revolved around teaching your expertise on health and wellbeing you’re not only sharing knowledge in your field, but you’re also putting like-minded individuals together in one room. It’s a great way to increase business and build a community simultaneously.

Coaching Other Companies

most companies want to promote wellness in the workplace. You can offer your expertise to other businesses by visiting their worksite/offices and providing motivational talks, one on ones and planned activities. This enables employees to feel focused, driven and energised and is a great way to make extra money from your knowledge.


Like seminars, workshops are a great way to share the business’ knowledge and gather people together. It’s also effective for targeting specific areas of wellness and gives people room to progress. Whether it’s one workshop or a month’s worth, it’s a great way to put your business back on the map.

CryoAction’s has several financing options for the purchase of a CryoAction cryotherapy chamber, find out more here or contact one of our friendly advisors to discuss your needs.

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